Gilberto Gil performs a memorable show in São Paulo – 05/04/2023 – Música em Letras

It was with the moon 99.15% visible, and growing, on the night of last Tuesday (4), that the Bahian singer and composer Gilberto Gil, 80, put on a pocket show for about a hundred people, at Espaço Priceless, a complex Mastercard gastronomic experience, on the rooftop of Shopping Light, in the historic center of São Paulo.

The event, exclusively for guests, served to mark the arrival in São Paulo of Noites Cariocas, one of the iconic festivals of Brazilian music.

Playing the guitar, singing and accompanied by two of his sons, composer and multi-instrumentalist Bem Gil and drummer José Gil, Gilberto Gil showed that he had his eldest daughter, music, in his pocket. He took his greatest hits from him, accompanied by the voices and applause of those who were lucky enough to watch the artist’s immeasurable talent up close.

During an hour and ten minutes of show, audience and artist enjoyed singing, among others, “Expresso 2222”, “Estrela”, “Tempo Rei”, “Esotérico”, “Refazenda”, “Vamos Fugir”, “Palco”, “Andar Com Fé”, “Toda Menina Baiana”, in addition to the positivist “Three Little Birds” (Everything’s Gonna Be Alright), released in 1977, on the album “Exodus”, by Bob Marley & The Wailers.

“Samba, of popular music, is the most genuine, profound, most integral expression of Brazil, of Brazilian music. Brazil is very big and Africans, especially Africans, were fundamental in the formation, in the forging of samba, and if they also spread to several places in Brazil, starting there in my Bahia, then going around everywhere. They forged a very large variety of samba”, said the artist taking out of his pocket “Chiclete com Banana”, a jazz samba, genre spread by the Rei do Ritmo, Jackson do Pandeiro (1919-1982), from Paraíba.

In the audience, several celebrities. Among them, composer Tom Zé and his guitarist and artistic director Daniel Maia; trombonist Joabe Reis and his producer Julia Andreatta; actor Leopoldo Pacheco and his wife, cultural producer Bel Gomes; actresses Adriana Lessa and Débora Falabella; chefs Alex Atala and Edu Guedes; actor Flávio Tolezani and his daughter, actress Ana Clara; in addition to life coach Edson Moraes.

When he felt the warm reception of the public singing his songs with him, before sending “Aquele Abraço”, Gilberto Gil said: “It’s São Paulo singing. They say that São Paulo only works, that nothing. It sings and sings a lot. The whole of Brazil sings , because it brings together that thing I was talking about samba at the beginning [do show]. São Paulo gathers everything, the whole of Brazil. Various origins, from everywhere, for example, from Rio de Janeiro”.

The conquest of the Moon was announced by Folha de S.Paulo, on July 21, 1969, with the headline: “A Lua no Bolso”. This Wednesday, April 5, 2023, this reporter announces: “Gilberto Gil has music in his pocket”.

Watch, below, excerpts from Gilberto Gil’s pocket show, recorded exclusively by Música em Letras.

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