Gio Ewbank says he has a collection of intimate toys: ‘Various models and colors’

Presenter addressed the topic in conversation with Paolla Oliveira, who also said she liked vibrators

Actress Giovanna Ewbank

Actress Giovanna Ewbank

Photo: Reproduction/Instagram

Actress and presenter Giovanna Ewbank said that, as she and the actress Fernanda Paes Leme talk about vibrators on the podcast Who Can, Can, the two have already won several intimate toys.

“We have a collection, there are several models, several colors”, said Giovanna Ewbank.

She addressed the topic in a conversation with actress Paolla Oliveira, who also claimed to like the item. “Vibrador talks about freedom from desire, women, people being able to discover pleasure”, she commented.

According to Paolla, her favorite intimate toys are those in the shape of an animal, such as a butterfly and an elephant. Regarding this model, Gio Ewbank said that he likes the “piggy” one the most.

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