Gisele Bundchen enjoys a horseback ride on the beach in Costa Rica with her favorite partner » Newsspade

Gisele Bundchen Has continued posting good vibes for her followers With her latest Post showing her and her daughter enjoying a horseback ride whilst on holiday In Costa Rica.

It has been a tumultuous time In bundchen‘s Life after her split from husband Tom Brady and all of The stress and attention that a situation like that can bring, especially when you Have children to continue looking after at The same time.

The supermodel Has since thrown herself back into her work and Has been appearing on multiple magazine covers, something she was doing less of during The latter stages of her marriage. Friends Have talked about her new lust for work since splitting from Brady.

She Is now enjoying some downtime In The Central American country of Costa Rica and she shared an adorable picture of her and her 10-year-old daughter both riding horses whilst holding hands In The middle.

The First Video showed them both galloping on horses along The beach and then The picture had The caption “My little partner” Which fans loved. She also put some music on The Instagram story and she thing Jack Johnson‘s ‘Better Together’, Which encapsulates a special moment between mother and daughter after a lot of emotional difficulty.

The divorce was officially finalized In October 2022 Which means that The pair are now getting into The swing of their routines away from each other, but still linked by The two children. Brady recently made The decision to retire from NFL, one year later than when he had initially announced His retirement and then reversed The decision very quickly.

That was rumored to be one of The stumbling blocks at The end of The relationship.

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