Global push for 15-minute cities, tackling generational poverty, therapy sailing ship

In today’s edition of Squirrel News, five neighborhoods are set to develop their so-called 15-minute cities, a nonprofit tackles generational poverty by assisting teen mothers, and a charity takes a refreshing approach to mental health.

15-minute cities in the works to fight climate change

Imagine having access to essential facilities – offices, schools, shops, health clinics and green spaces – within a 15-minute walk or cycle from home. That’s exactly what five cities are trying to achieve in a move that could cut emissions by 25%.

Source: Bloomberg

Residents benefit from energy-saving smart cities

From intelligent university sensors to smart streets, a number of cities have embraced smart solutions to help reduce energy demand.

Source: Euronews

Teen Success program aims to break cycles of poverty and violence

To address potential social and economic consequences of adolescent pregnancy, a nonprofit helps expecting and current mothers aged 14-24 finish high school and guides them as they navigate parenthood.

Source: Next City

How paid internships can close wealth gap, promote diversity

While unpaid internships may not be an issue to students from affluent backgrounds, some are forced to work two jobs just to make ends meet. Consequently, there has been a push for more paid internships to address an apparent social divide.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Initiative recruits more female wildland firefighters in push for diversity

A pilot program in California is on track to bring in more women to fight wildland fires. The push for diversity comes as women make up a meagre percentage of firefighters in the US

Source: The 19th

‘Superhero’ moss can save communities from flooding, say scientists

Sphagnum moss found to drastically slow down rainwater runoff in Peak District ‘outdoor laboratory’ study.

Source: The Guardian

With ever hotter UK summers it’s time to rethink the future of grass

This summer saw vast tracts of parks and lawns scorched by drought in the UK, but more watering is not a sustainable solution. So what does the future hold for grass?

Source: The Guardian

Insect farming helps farmers in Zimbabwe cope with high feed prices

The practice of breeding, rearing and harvesting insects to feed farm animals also helps tackle urban waste.

Source: Next City

Lessons from Kenya’s transformation into a global geothermal powerhouse

Kenya is the world’s eighth largest producer of geothermal energy following the United States, Indonesia, the Philippines,Turkey, New Zealand, Mexico and Italy. Find out how the country did it.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Approaching mental health through sailing therapy

A charity helps people struggling with mental health by taking them on an adventure. Participants engage in evidence-based therapy and sail training while finding solace in the sea.

Source: positive news

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