Globo announces Jogo da Discord and shows VT praising Domitila instead

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The most biased program in the 23 years of “BBB” was not only marked by the anti-Deserto VT at the beginning of the edition. While the public was waiting to see the Game of Discord on Monday night (4/17), the production aired a VT in which Alface praised Domitila Barros.

Miss Germany is on the wall this Tuesday (18/4) against two deserts, Amanda Meirelles and Larissa Santos.

The decision to prevent the bricked-up parties from confronting each other seems to have been taken at the last minute, but the chosen stop-gap was extremely inappropriate, as it was a clear favoritism – in case the opening VT did not make this clear enough.

The public, however, was informed that there would be a Game of Discord.

The dynamic was announced by Globoplay on social networks, in a tweet that stated that it would be a new dynamic of “shooting, beating and bombing”.

In the same way, Globo called Discord during all of its Monday programming. However, during the broadcast of the program, Tadeu Schmdidt simply ignored this prediction.

After the end of the edition, those responsible for the Globoplay profiles rushed to delete the publication about the Game, but the information was printed.

On social networks, fans questioned the lack of dynamics, theorizing that it would have been an initiative to protect Domitila.

As the mutirões show a record vote against Miss Germany, the producers may have been scared by the numbers and appealed in the edition. The favoritism was not subtle.

The fans of Deserto evaluated that, as Domitila’s profile is pulling mutirões against Larissa, it would have been internally evaluated that it would be a mistake to let the miss and Ricardo Alface carry out their plan to attack Amanda. The two agreed to go all out against the sister in Discord. But if they managed to attract the sofa vote against her, it would increase the possibility that Larissa would have fewer votes and that Domitila would be eliminated more easily. That is, if they didn’t get tangled up.

What do you think of the thesis?

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