Globo ignores the historic achievement of the Desérticas in the final of “BBB 23”

April 26
– 01:36

(updated at 01:42)

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

For the first time in history, four women reached the Top 4 of a BBB. Four friends, on top of that, demonstrating their sisterhood for weeks on end on the Globoplay screen.

The feat was so impressive that even an official Big Brother American Twitter praised the feat.

But what about Globo? The broadcaster seems to have been displeased with this, as the historic feat was simply ignored on its social networks and even in the retrospective of the season, presented on Tuesday night (25/5) as “heats up” for the victory of Amanda Meirelles.

The omission made the tone used by the production of “BBB 23” throughout the program very clear.

Obsessed with making the theme of the issue be about the racial issue, Boninho’s employees paid little attention to sorority or criticism of the machismo of those confined. Producers, writers and editors tried at all costs to sabotage the victorious trajectory of the deserts and, dissatisfied with the achievement of Amanda Meirelles and her partners, they chose to ignore or, even worse, hide that they did what no one had achieved before and without betraying your friendships.

In practice, the final chapter was a tribute to the losers. Without any highlight for Larissa Santos, the biggest player of the edition, who joined the sisters and set the fans on fire with her return, forming the union that ended Fundo do Mar, in a sure strategy of which piece to eliminate at a time, even in the choice of taking Ricardo Alface to the Top 5.

The producers made a beautiful montage on the racial issue, loaded with important and emotional phrases. But why didn’t they do the same about women’s strength? Does the empowerment agenda only work when it’s convenient?

There’s no way to hide it, Ms. Globo: this BBB belonged to women.

The station’s employees can be proud of taking a clear and militant position against racial prejudice. But they also need to be ashamed of spreading machismo, silencing women with malicious image editing and minimizing female conquest with sabotage until the end. Even presenter Tadeu Schmidt seemed to walk on eggshells in fulfilling his mission of praising the three finalists, as if he were going to be frowned upon by the producers.

The fact is that the last seconds of “BBB 23” were with Amanda, Bruna Griphao, Larissa, Aline Wirley and Tina Calamba, five completely different women – two of them black – , jumping and shouting “Deserticas”, a sisterhood that could also teach much to Brazil, as presenter Tadeu Schmidt commented on racial VT.

Especially in a “BBB” with toxic relationships and expulsions for sexual harassment.

It’s even scary to think about what else would need to happen for the producers to realize the importance of valuing women’s conquest in this edition.

Is it going to be that macho shame again on “BBB 24”, Boninho?

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