Globo lacked originality in the opening song of ‘Terra e Paixão’ – 05/19/2023 – Gustavo Alonso

The telenovela “Terra e Paixão” premiered on Globo two weeks ago. What caught our attention was the fact that the opening song, “Sinônimos”, sung by Chitãozinho & Xororó alongside newcomer Ana Castela, is a song that is almost 20 years old. Globo preferred to recycle a classic song, as it has been doing in several soap opera tracks for some time now, than to bet on a new success.

“Sinônimos”, composed by César Augusto, Paulo Sérgio and Cláudio Noam, was released by Chitãozinho & Xororó on the CD “Aqui o Sistema É Bruto”, from 2004. In the original recording, Zé Ramalho, from Paraíba, shared vocals with his brothers from Paraná. When it was successful at the beginning of the millennium, “Sinônimos” was the soundtrack of the remake of the soap opera “Escrava Isaura” (2004). In 2008, it was used again on the soundtrack of “A Favorita”. More recently, “Sinônimos” was played once again in “Além do Tempo”, from 2015, this time with only Zé Ramalho.

Despite Globo’s somewhat laziness in betting on a new song for the opening of “Terra e Paixão”, it cannot be said that the Rio station neglects country music in its soundtracks. The gate of global soap operas was opened once and for all to sertanejos with “Rei do Gado”, from 1996. The inclusion of sertanejos in this trail in two released volumes, guaranteed the highest sales of records by a soap opera in history.

Before “Rei do Gado”, the station’s soundtracks had very little dialogue with country music. During the sertanejo boom, between 1987 and 1994, around 480 national songs were used in Globo’s soundtracks in eight years. Only 12 country songs. Is very little. Big hits like “É o Amor”, “Desculpe mas Eu Vou Chorar” and “Pense em Mim” never appeared on Globo’s soundtracks. The mega-success “Evidências”, by Chitãozinho & Xororó, was only soundtracked for a soap opera in 2019, in “Dona do Pedaço”, 29 years after the original recording.

After “Rei do Gado”, everything changed for the sertanejos, who began to populate global telenovelas, especially those with a rural theme. The telenovela “A Favorita” consolidated the link between Globo and university sertanejos in 2008, when a CD with country songs only was released. It was almost complete endorsement, but it lacked a soap opera opening. It came with “Sinhá Moça”, sung by Leonardo in 2006 and “Deus e Eu no Sertão”, by Victor & Leo, the most successful duo at the time, which was the opening of “Paraíso”, in 2009.

Despite the enormous visibility of sertanejos on Globo, soap opera openings with sertanejo singers in evidence are still very rare. Even in “Rei do Gado” the opening was not sung by any famous sertanejo at the time, but by the Orquestra da Terra group, created by one of the composers of the song, Nil Bernardes, to capitalize on the success of the opening. Soap operas associated with rurality such as “Renascer” (1993), “Cabocla” (2004), “América” ​​(2005) and “Pantanal” (2022) did not have openings sung by sertanejos who were champions of popularity.

The soundtrack of “Terra e Paixão” has artists from the new generation, such as Ana Castela, sharing the opening vocals. It has a historic duo, Chitãozinho & Xororó, with more than 50 years of career. There are singers who made their mark in the history of the genre, such as Marilia Mendonça, with “Te Amo Demais”. There are university sertanejo artists, who this year complete the age of majority, 18 years of history. This song includes “Coração Cigano”, sung by Luan Santana, and “Tem to Sorrir”, by Jorge & Mateus. And there’s also a duo from the 90s: Bruno and Marrone, with “Um Sonhador”.

Today it seems that Globo and country music speak the same language, not least because the global label Som Livre is home to several country people. But this was not always the case, as we have seen. And Globo’s lack of audacity when choosing the opening song echoes this historical discord.

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