Globo starts recording spiritist terror with Taís Araújo

Photo: Disclosure/Globo/Poppoca Moderna

Globo begins recording, this Wednesday (5/10), its new spiritist horror series “Reincarne”. The production will be set in Goiás, a state where there are several cities that receive religious pilgrimages.

The plot will be played by Taís Araújo (“Cara e Coragem”), who will be an investigator who seeks to unravel a mystery.

In the story, she must help a man falsely accused of murder, played by Welket Bunguê (“Berlin Alexanderplatz”), after running into a girl, played by Julia Dalavia (“Pantanal”). She claims to be the reincarnation of the man “murdered” by Bunguê’s character. Everyone will try to find out together who the real criminal is.

The screenplay was written by Igor Verde (“Deserto Estrangeiro”), Amanda Jordão (“When the Full Moon Comes Out: Um Maldito Filme do Matanza”), Elísio Lopes Jr. (“Provisional Measure”), Juan Jullian (“Querido Ex”) and Flávia Lacerda (“Berenice Procura”). And the cast also includes Pedro Caetano (“Distrito 666”), Isabél Zuaa (“Pedro’s Journey”), Simone Spoladore (“Invisible City”) and Enrique Diaz (“Sea of ​​the Sertão”), who will play a medium who performs spiritual surgeries.

Directed by Bruno Safadi (“The End of an Era”).

With 10 episodes, “Reincarne” will debut first on Globoplay in 2024.

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