Google increased the confusion on social networks – 5/4/2023 – Renato Terra

The publication of a phrase on the Google page caused confusion on the internet. “The Fake News PL can increase confusion about what is true or false in Brazil”.

It is not known what the technology giant understands as “PL”. If the acronym refers to the Liberal Party, the phrase has its meaning clarified and does not need further explanation. But there is the remote possibility of referring to bill 2630. Or even to a person named Pedro Luiz, whose abbreviation could also be PL.

Nor is it known what Google classifies as “increasing confusion”. Got confused. Does that mean then that the company recognizes that there is a “confusion”? Well, if there is confusion (and this confusion can be increased), Google is responsible for providing solutions. Or it looks like the company just wants to add to the confusion with a placement like that.

It is not even known whether it is true or false that “The Fake News PL can increase confusion about what is true or false in Brazil”.

What is known is that Google’s algorithm contributes to “increase confusion”. Anyone who puts “Garota de Ipanema” on YouTube in search of a Bossa Nova playlist will end up on a scandalous video that accuses Tom Jobim of genetically manipulating guinea pigs to finance Ursal and torture Guatemalan children. This is “true” in Brazil and in the world.

Bullshit moves social media, as long as social media is not the target of bullshit.

In April, Eduardo Bolsonaro attacked Deputy Marcon (PT-RS) when the PT insinuated that Jair Bolsonaro’s stabbing was fake. After breaking up the fight, Eduardo shouted “Do you think you’re on the internet?”.

On the lawless internet, anything can. Edward knows this.

On the internet, by law, it is fair that those who produce the TV programs, movies, music and reports that social networks show (and profit from) are remunerated. And that someone is responsible for fake news.

Google has played a political card against passing a law that increases its costs and liabilities. It is legitimate, of course, to broaden the debate.

What was evident was the disparity between Google’s technical engineering and political engineering. It lacked human tact.

It is necessary to improve the debate for advances to appear. and quickly

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