Goose Island brews beer with fresh hops from SC – 06/01/2023 – Copo Cheio

The new beer produced in the tanks of the Goose Island Brewhouse, in Largo da Batata (west region of São Paulo), could not be fresher. Named 27 Horas Fresh Hop Lager, the drink is made with fresh Brazilian hops, recently harvested at Fazenda Santa Catarina, located in the city of Lages.

The 27 hours of the name are precisely the short time between the harvesting of hops in the southern region of the country and the moment in which it was used, in the pots of the brewery in Pinheiros.

In general, Brazil is still in its infancy in the production and consequent use of a national hop. Therefore, using such a fresh hop flower is something very rare in these parts.

“We are very excited about this launch. Producing a beer using fresh hops is something uncommon in Brazil and we brewers love to test new recipes and play with the possibilities that different ways of preparation allow us”, celebrates Marina Pascholati, brewmaster at Goose. “Consumers will realize that the use of hops in flower and fresh guarantees a very different flavor and aroma to the drink”, she evaluates.

The beer is a collaborative one, that is, it bears the signature of more than one brand. In the case of Fresh Hop, the label had the participation of Colorado, Hocus Pocus, Bohemia and Wäls, in addition to Goose —all breweries belong to Ambev’s portfolio, as well as the Santa Catarina farm.

“We made the decisions together. We defined the style, how we would use the hops in flower, the choice of name, whether there would be dry hop… all together”, says Marina, who supervised the production at Goose and sent photos and videos to her colleagues to show the evolution of the process.

The brewer explains that fresh hops were used at different stages of the process, to enhance flavor and aroma. Fresh Hop Lager has an aroma with citrus and herbal notes, has 5% alcohol content and low bitterness (25 IBU, scale that goes from one hundred).

In a limited edition (there are only a thousand litres), the beer arrives this Thursday (1st) at the taps of Goose and Hocus Pocus SP, also in Largo da Batata, for R$ 15.70 (280 ml glass).

Goose Island Brewhouse – R. Baltazar Carrasco, 187, Pinheiros. Tel. 2886-9858. To have. and Wed.: 18:00 to 24:00. Thu.: 6 pm to 1 am. Fri. and Sat.: 12h to 1h. Sun.: 12h to 22h

Hocus Pocus SP – Rua Fernão Dias, 690, Pinheiros. Mon. on Fri.: 17h to 24h; Sat.: 1pm to midnight

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