Government crises and Lula’s travels postpone appointment of STF minister

The nomination of the new minister of the STF (Federal Supreme Court), expected for last week, should be completed from Thursday (27th), when President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) arrives from a visit to Portugal and the Spain.

International travel and a series of crises in the government postponed the public announcement of the name of Ricardo Lewandowski’s replacement. Lula’s interlocutors claim that criminal lawyer Cristiano Zanin is still the most quoted for the vacancy.

Lewandowski retired on the last 11th. After that, Lula went to China and the United Arab Emirates. He quickly returned to Brazil and made another trip. Between one destination and another, several crises erupted.

Last week, the video was released that showed the then head of the GSI (Institutional Security Office), Gonçalves Dias, helping Bolsonarists to leave unharmed from the invasion of the Planalto Palace on January 8. The images culminated in the fall of the general.

At the same time, there was an uproar in the National Congress surrounding a CPMI (Mixed Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry) on the January 8 coup attempt. In the midst of this scenario, the government is trying to facilitate the approval of the fiscal framework by parliamentarians.

Depending on the country’s political situation when Lula lands, the nomination of the new STF minister may be postponed until after the May 1 holiday. After announcing the chosen jurist, he needs to be submitted to the Senate CCJ (Commission and Constitution of Justice) of the Senate and, later, have the name approved in a vote in the plenary of the House.

Ideally, the appointment should take place within a framework of harmony between the government and Congress, so that approval of the new minister is no longer an element in political negotiations.

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