Government will have to multiply by 500 what it has already spent on amendments

The government will have to spend much more to win congressional victories, at columnist’s review UOL Jose Roberto de Toledo.

After pressure from the mayor, Arthur Lira (PP-AL), and defeats in Congress, the government authorized the release of R$ 3 billion in parliamentary amendments to Congress. Resources are destined for the health area.

during the program Analysis of News, Toledo stated that only R$ 22 million was spent by the government in parliamentary amendments so far. The expected total, however, is R$ 10 billion for parliamentary amendments.

The government will have to multiply by 500 what it has spent so far on parliamentary amendments. At least that amount.”
Jose Roberto de Toledo

Old secret budget. The amount of R$ 10 billion is a “residue” of the former secret budget and its allocation in parliamentary amendments is provided for in the Transition PEC. So far, the government has allocated only BRL 22 million in four amendments and they have been committed, that is, another BRL 357 million is expected to be spent. Faced with low values, Toledo said that the government will suffer defeats in Congress. “It’s asking to lose a vote, there’s no other name for it.”

Government lost out. Yesterday (3), the government suffered a defeat in the Chamber with the approval of the project that overturns the changes in the sanitation framework. The voting result was 295 to 136, a “wash” in the words of the columnist of the UOL and also a clear signal from Congress that without the approval of the amendments, other defeats of the government could happen.

That [liberação das emendas] it’s the government having to work. It is foreseen in the budget and is identified. You know who the deputy, the committee and the bench are, it’s not like the secret budget that didn’t know anything. The point is that you need to spend and if you don’t spend, you won’t get a vote, simple as that.”
Jose Roberto of Toledo

Possible scandals. The amount of R$ 3 billion in parliamentary amendments will be used to purchase medical and dental equipment, renovate health units, renew the ambulance fleet and hire teams from the Family Health program. For Toledo, it is possible that corruption scandals will appear. “By the end of the year, we are going to have a scandal in these areas, because the ambulance mafia has it in every government and every year, it is a classic way to overinvoice”, he said.

Cost for support is high. Failure to release parliamentary amendments could even cost an eviction from the Planalto Palace. Toledo recalled that Dilma Rousseff has already “experienced what it’s like to be evicted” and said that the government will have to be competent to execute the amendments, even so as not to delay the vote on the fiscal framework.


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