Grafenrheinfeld is planning the budget in a solid, conservative manner

The Grafenrheinfeld budget is characterized by major future projects, said Mayor Christian Keller recently at the municipal council meeting to approve the budget and the enactment of the 2023 budget statute.

The major projects include the construction of a new day care center – the “dominant project of the next few years”, as Keller described it – as well as investments in the volunteer fire brigade, disaster control, the elementary school, playgrounds and path repairs.

“In Grafenrheinfeld, we have always set ourselves the goal of avoiding an investment backlog,” stressed Keller. “The tasks are solved when they arise.” The current budget is forward-looking and solidly conservative, explained the mayor.

Daydreams did not find their way into the budget, which was designed “rather cautiously”. This has also been the approach of the members of the main and finance committee in recent years, reveals the head of the municipality, who was also very grateful to the trade located in the municipality.

Per capita debt in Grafenrheinfeld could increase

“Our predecessors took the right steps there,” said Keller, looking at the industrial park. “This will benefit today.” However, it is also the duty of the municipal council to make the right investments now, from which those who follow can later benefit. The 2023 budget had to be dealt with when a chamberlain was vacant. For this, Keller thanked the administration, who managed to do this with combined forces.

The budget for the 2023 financial year was set with income and expenditure in the administrative budget of over 13.9 million euros and in the asset budget in income and expenditure of seven million euros. Borrowing for investments and investment promotion measures are not planned. Commitment appropriations in the asset budget are not fixed.

The property tax for agricultural and forestry operations and also for land was set at 310 percent. Business tax at 380 percent. The maximum amount of cash advances for the timely payment of expenditure according to the budget has been set at one million euros.

Daniela Verne, member of the Bündnis90/Die Grünen parliamentary group, pointed out that the per capita debt will increase by 2026. Mayor Keller had a different interpretation of this. “We planned very conservatively. We’re tackling the tasks ahead of us.” The budget was passed with a large majority.

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