Green energy jobs on the rise, free college tuition for Native students, Hawaii’s ancient food forests


In today’s edition of Squirrel News, green energy jobs are increasing on the labour market, Native students in Arizona get free college tuition, and farmers in Hawaii are restoring ancient forest soil to feed the population.

As the fossil fuel sector is declining, green energy jobs are in demand

The US Department of Energy found that the number of renewable energy jobs has vastly increased. Due to the ‘green boom’ sustainable power industry has grown by 20 percent.

Source: Grist

Louisiana becomes the first southern state aiming for ‘net zero’ carbon emissions

As the first southern state in the US, Louisiana has announced a plan to go ‘net zero’ by 2050. So far, it is ranked 5th in carbon emissions. But since Hurricane Katrina local authorities have focused on climate protection measures and ‘net zero’ is one of them.

Source: The Christian science monitor

Arizona offers Native students free college education

Trying to close educational gap, the University of Arizona will no longer charge Native Americans college fees. The programme will be available for applicants registered to any of the state’s recognised tribes.

Source: NPR

Recent discovery in brain blood vessels may help treat Alzheimer’s

A recent study at the University of Manchester has linked a build up of protein in brain blood vessels and Alzheimer’s.

Source: Interesting Engineering

15 ethical alternatives to Amazon

Amazon is known for its drastic impact on the environment and overconsumption. The company has the same annual level of emissions as Norway. Here you can find more sustainable and ethical options.

Source: Good Good Good

Can second hand become the future of street fashion?

In a Manchester shopping centre, an empty unit was recreated into a multifunctional fashion house. Here visitors can buy and swap their clothes or even learn about upcycling and sewing.

Source: Positive News

US black women’s political organisations are on the rise

Meet Grace Smith, a Houston native who has inspired thousands of black women to be political. Her organisation unites women for action and runs training camps for prospective candidates.

Source: Defender

In Kansas City schools students with disabilities get trainings for career making

A collaborative action among schools and employers provides graduating students with vocational training in various jobs. The programme helps teenagers to develop professional and interpersonal skills to become efficient and successful adults.

Source: The Kansas City Beacon

Helping kids get out of care institutions into loving families

Organisations around the globe are working to help children from care institutions find new homes. Various programmes give kids and foster families the support network they need.

Source: BBC

The farmers restoring Hawaii’s ancient food forests that once fed an island

Maui is a hub for GMO research, but Indigenous farmers are trying to bring back the abundant and thriving landscapes of their ancestors.

Source: The Guardian

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