Green Entertainment promises the kind of dramas we need!

KARACHI: Truth be told, Pakistani dramas aren’t very creative with their story telling. They usually revolve around the same plots with the same saas bahu fights, love triangles and unnecessary violence. However, all hope when it comes to Pakistani entertainment is not lost! Green Entertainment has a few interesting new dramas lined up for viewers with spectacular casting which including Wahaj Ali, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Saba Qamar, Zahid Ahmed, Humaima Malik and Mansha Pasha. Here are all the dramas you should be excited for!


Ahmed Ali Akbar had wowed audiences with his performance as Parizaad and now he’s back with yet another eccentric character!

Green Entertainment shared the trailer for one of its many new dramas and captioned it, “To all the social misfits and rebels who question dysfunctional man-made norms of society, all the wanderers embarked on a journey of self-discovery, searching for the greater purpose of existence.” The story follows Akbar’s character, who from his childhood has been incredibly inquisitive, much to the annoyance of those around him. From freeing caged birds, to saving fish from an aquarium, to fighting off men who are trying to chop off a tree, he is an incredibly kind soul.

But does the world have space for the kindness he has? From being beaten up and kidnapped to having his significant other, played by Mansha Pasha, not understanding him to not being able to hold a job, the world is cruel. But this is a story of how the “idiot” will rise despite the challenges!

101 Talakhain

Zahid Ahmed plays a divorce lawyer who hilariously navigates through all the reasons why marriages end up in divorce other than interfering mother-in-laws! From needing space to not being able to find their socks, each couple and their woes are incredibly relatable for married folks out there.

This new drama boasts an incredible cast which includes Anoushay Abbasi, Navin Waqar, Yasir Nawaz and more as well as a catchy sound track. This is one drama you don’t want to miss!


Humaima Malik and Gohar Rasheed wowed audiences with their roles in The Legend of Maula Jatt and fans of the movie are in for a treat as the two return in similar roles for Jindo.

Based on a true story, Jindo tells the tale of a woman from a rural village who has to stand up against the injustices at the hands of the male leaders. And she does so without a man by her side. Ax wielding, guns blazing, she is on a war path. Similar to his role as Maakha Natt, Rasheed plays the role of a man who believes violence is the key to controlling women. But the women in this drama, including Hajra Yamin, are not ones to bow down to violence!

Tumhare Husn Ke Naam

Saba Qamar has, time and again, dominated our screens with her specular performances. You can pair her up with just about any actor and the drama is bound to be a success. For one of the Green Entertainment new dramas Tumhare Husn Ke Naam, she’s going to be starring opposite Imran Abbas. 

Directed by Saqib Khan and screenplay by Umera Ahmed, the drama was announced back in 2021 and since then very little has been shared about what the drama is about. However, much to the delight of fans, Saba Qamar did announce that the drama is set to air soon!

22 Qadam

Is there anything better than knowing Wahaj Ali has a new drama under the works? The new drama is set to revolve around sports, to be more particular, around women’s cricket! Sharing the screen with Wahaj Ali in the new drama is Hareem Farooq whose character has been described as, “A small town girl with big dreams ready to fight all battles to become a cricketer!”

While the trailer for the new drama hasn’t been released yet, we cannot wait to see what Wahaj Ali and Hareem Farooq will have to offer in what has been described as, “An ode to all the women who strive to shine against all social odds!”

Green Entertainment is set to launch in April and we cannot wait!

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