Grêmio is effective, wins and opens advantage against ABC

Tricolor knew how to take advantage of opportunities in the final stage and return home with a great result

At Frasqueirao, Grêmio took a big step in the Copa do Brasil. Against ABC, Tricolor won 2-0, with goals from Villasanti and Bitello.

Vina assisted Villasanti's goal in the final stage (Disclosure / Grêmio)

Vina assisted Villasanti’s goal in the final stage (Disclosure / Grêmio)

Photo: Lance!

With the triumph away from home, Tricolor plays for a draw or even defeat by a minimal advantage. Meanwhile, ABC needs to win by three goals or more. In case of victory by two goals, the vacancy will be defined on penalties.


The reunion between Grêmio and ABC is scheduled for April 27, at the Arena, in Porto Alegre.

The game

With a reserve formation, Grêmio preferred to wait for the opponent and did little when they had the ball at their feet. The best move came from a shot from outside the area with Bitello that scared goalkeeper Simão.

On the basis of will, ABC tried to push Tricolor to the defensive field, but it lacked quality when it came to creating opportunities. Like their rivals, the team from Rio Grande do Norte only scared the shot from outside the area, which stopped in defense of Adriel.

In the final stage the rhythm of the game was the same. The two teams produced little and almost nothing was created of danger.

At 30 minutes, when the physical side spoke louder, Grêmio launched the attack and won. Vina went down the right and crossed Villasanti’s head to open the scoring. Shortly after, Bitello hit a beautiful shot from outside the area and increased, 2-0.

With the advantage in their favor, Tricolor closed in on the defensive field and didn’t suffer any kind of nuisance from the ABC.


Local: Frasqueirao, Natal (RN)

Date-Time: 4/13/2019 – 9:30 pm

Referee: Raphael Claus (SP)

Auxiliaries: Marcelo Carvalho de Van Gasse (SP) and Sidmar dos Santos Murer (SP)

VAR: Daiane Muniz (SP)

Audience/income: payers/BRL

Yellow cards: (ABC), (GRE)

Red cards:-

Goals: Villasanti (30’/T2) Bitello (35’/T2)

ABC: Simon; Luiz Gustavo (Jhonnathan, at 2/18Q), Richardson, Afonso and Macio Azevedo (Daniel Vançan, at 2/21); Daniel, Wellington Reis and Felipe Garcia; Maycon Douglas (Welligton, at 2/34Q), Léo Ceará (Raphael Luz, at 2/34) and Fábio Lima. Technician: Fernando Marchiori.

GUILD: Adriel; Bruno Alves, Bruno Univi and Kannemann; João Pedro (Thomas Luciano, at 3/43), Lucas Silva (Zinho, at 1/20), Villasanti, Bitello, Cristaldo (André, at 2/43) and Diogo Barbosa; Vina (Nathan, at 2/34T). Technician: Renato Gaucho.

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