Grey’s Anatomy fans think Adele deserved a lot more than she got

In another thread Also A deleted account with the caption “Adele deserved better” made a strong case against Richard and for Adele. “Richard was such a terrible husband to Adele,” the poster wrote, before continuing, noting that Richard wanted Meredith to rig the hospital’s Alzheimer’s trial to help Adele suspend Meredith and that he got angry , when Adele lost her memory and fell in love with another Alzheimer’s patient.

U/randombubble8727 agreed, pointing to more of Richard’s bad behavior as a husband: “Something that irked me was that he literally visited Ellis more than his own wife when she was in the nursing home,” they wrote. “He was always there when Meredith would visit her mother and bring snacks and chat with her and reminisce. He was rarely there with his actual wife.”

In u/u/Euphoric-Purpose-162’s Thoughts on Adele thread, the poster put forward an incredibly comprehensive list of arguments as to why Adele’s story is “honestly one of the saddest of all the Greys,” and they’re not wrong. In the end, Adele loses her memories of Richard and her life completely and dies despite her husband’s attempt to save her. It’s undeniable that Richard loved Adele, but he didn’t often treat her right … and neither did the show.

Grey’s Anatomy is now streaming on Netflix and season 19 is currently airing Thursdays on ABC.

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