Grey’s Anatomy Fans Think They Caught A Meredith Grey-Jackson Avery Plot Hole

As the previous post referenced, Jackson and Meredith’s mothers were both at Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the most prestigious hospitals in the country — but that doesn’t mean they knew each other. Some fans pointed out that Ellis, a hyper-competitive surgeon, wouldn’t care to make friends with her fellow female physicians, and that the Greys weren’t in the same socioeconomic bracket as the uber-wealthy Avery family. 

One Redditor, u/Full-Surround, wrote, “Did you meet the children of your parents’ colleagues when you were a kid? Most likely no unless they were friends outside of work, which Ellis and Catherine were not, as Ellis kept to herself. Catherine even said they invited her on outings but she always declined.” A different Redditor had a follow-up, though; speaking from personal experience, original poster u/applepeachsangria wrote, “Both my parents were doctors. I did know all the docs’ kids. Town of 60k people so definitely not Boston. I think Meredith would know the Harper Avery kid.”

Ultimately, Redditor u/unlisshed pointed out the most obvious reason as to why Meredith and Jackson wouldn’t have a previous connection. “I think it’s a lot to do with the fact that with Jackson, there was a lot that wasn’t cemented as soon as he was introduced,” they reason. “Like obviously he was always going to be Harper’s grandson, but Catherine wasn’t introduced until a season or two after Jackson, by then it was obviously too late to have Meredith and Jackson previously know each other because of their mothers.”

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