Haddad’s threats to plutocracy turned into a joke – 4/7/2023

It commits a serious injustice against Fernando Haddad who says that the minister excluded spending cuts from his fiscal balance revenue. Paper and ink for printers have already been cut. The government will celebrate its 100th anniversary and the Ministry of Finance is unable to present a printed version of Haddad’s proposal on the new fiscal rule. The government is considering postponing the plan’s submission to the National Congress again.

The piece would be filed last week. It was not. Haddad limited himself to a verbal presentation. The document would come to light this week. Did not come. It was alleged that, over the Easter period, Congress was outsourced to the flies. The plan would go on display next Tuesday. It probably won’t. On that day, Lula will leave for China. Haddad will fly along with him. It is now argued that there is no longer such a hurry, as the legal deadline for the government to deliver the design of the 2024 federal Budget, which depends on the fiscal skeleton, is April 15th.

Haddad and his team should seek some inspiration in economist Mario Henrique Simonsen’s booklet. Minister of Finance from 1974 to 1979, Simonsen taught that the best plan is to prohibit making plans. Alive, Simonsen would be horrified by the option of Haddad, who became the patron of an economic plan 100% made of saliva. In another teaching, Simonsen explained that the most difficult problem in the world, well stated, will one day be solved. And the easiest problem in the world, poorly stated, will never be solved.

Haddad deals with a tough problem. He was challenged to clean up national accounts without pruning spending. And he can’t print a statement of his ideas. In the last few hours, the minister has taken great care in spilling saliva. He said that the Tax Authorities will corner 500 companies that register “superprofits”, but escape paying taxes. Things are getting monotonous.

The head of the Treasury portfolio had already promised to eliminate patrimonialism and hunt tortoises placed in the branches of the national tax system. Now, he informs that the corporate plutocracy is going to fall apart. The distance between Haddad’s crisp rhetoric and its implementation imposes a certain comic ponderability on the situation..

The minister is in a position similar to that of a teenager who threatens to break the face of an opponent, but takes so long to get out of the chair that it compromises the seriousness of the scene.

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