Half of Britons say mowing the lawn before 9am is unacceptable

What time do you call that? According to a study, half of Britons think it is unacceptable to mow the lawn before 9am. Seven out of ten people are woken up by the roar of the engine when they fall asleep

  • The survey also disagreed on how long lawnmowers should be gone at night

Has your Sunday morning nap been ruined by the intrusive roar of a neighbor’s lawnmower? Then you’re not alone.

Seven out of 10 people say they’ve been annoyed by the whine of the blades as they fall asleep – raising the question of how early on a weekend morning is to turn on the mower.

A new survey found that more than half of Britons – 51 per cent – said the hum of engines before 9am was unacceptable and could lead to harsh words with neighbours.

Even more surprisingly, nearly one in five, 19 percent, found it perfectly acceptable to start mowing the lawn or trimming a hedge at 8am.

About 22 percent said 10 a.m. was an acceptable time, three percent opposed mowing before 11 a.m., and one percent opposed mowing before noon.

Seven out of ten people say they were annoyed by the whirring of the blades when they fell asleep

Seven out of ten people say they were annoyed by the whirring of the blades when they fell asleep

The survey of 1,000 people found that Britain is equally divided on when the lawnmower should be back in the shed on a summer’s evening.

A total of 38 percent stated that they would be no later than 8 p.m.; 22 percent gave a cut-off point of 7 p.m.; and 11 percent said they don’t want to hear the mower after 6 p.m. But a whopping 6 percent said it was acceptable to use the machine until 10 p.m.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, television gardener Alan Titchmarsh said, “I really don’t want to seem any holier than you, but I make a point of never using noisy machines on Sundays.” There should be a day of the week when we are guaranteed peace and quiet in our gardens.

“If my neighbors don’t share my opinion, I would be grateful if they didn’t start their lawnmowers until 9am and if they could let me enjoy my sundowner in peace at 6pm, then we would agree on a truce.”

His former Ground Force colleague Tommy Walsh said the best time to mow the lawn is in the morning. He said: “First tea – that provides the energy, the diesel – then do the lawn, then around 9.30 a.m..”

Mr Walsh added that until “approx. 4 p.m.” should be switched off. At this point “you should sit down and have a nice cold beer and overlook the garden from the terrace”.

The Toolstation survey also found that overgrown gardens, campfires and noisy home improvement activities can also create tensions between neighbors.

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