Halle Berry and ex Olivier Martinez have finalized their divorce eight years after calling it quits. The former couple have also reached a child and custody agreement that has Berry forking over a hefty amount.

The actress has agreed to pay $8,000 per month in child support to Martinez, in addition to 4.3 percent of all income exceeding $2 million. Beyond monetary commitments, Halle will also cover Maceo’s educational expenses, extracurricular activities, and health insurance, showcasing her dedication to providing a stable and nurturing environment for her child.

Divorce docs obtained by TMZ reveal that Halle and Olivier will share joint legal and physical custody of Maceo, which includes splitting the week between households and alternating weekends.

The documents also outline that Maceo will participate in individual and family counseling sessions. During these family sessions, Halle and her daughter Nahla (from her former partner Gabriel Aubry) are permitted to be present. However, Halle’s current boyfriend, Van Hunt, is not granted participation rights.

Berry and Martinez married in 2013 and announced their split in 2015. The divorce was never formalized during this period due to unresolved matters pertaining to custody and child support regarding their son Maceo, who is now nine years old.

Earlier this year, the Dailymail reported that Halle also achieved a victory in her long-standing child support dispute with her other ex-partner, Gabriel Aubry. Payments for their daughter Nahla, aged 15, are now capped at $110,000 annually, based on Halle’s earnings. This amount is $750,000 lower than the sum he would have received for 2023.

According to the filing, ‘Halle shall continue to pay Gabriel 4.3% of any income she receives above $1.95 million, as and for additional child support for Nahla; however, any additional payments of child support pursuant to this Paragraph shall not exceed $109,650 per year, which is the difference between 4.3% of $1.95 million and $4.5 million.’

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