Hamburg: entered man – witnesses provide fugitive perpetrators

They probably prevented worse: Witnesses stopped a man on Sunday night at Steindamm (St. Georg) who stepped on his victim who was lying on the ground – and caught the alleged perpetrator.

The argument broke out around 3.30 a.m.: A 25-year-old is said to have hit a man (52) in the head with a glass bottle. According to the police, he then kicked the “devastated victim who was lying on the ground”. The man was hit in the head and upper body.

Passers-by make fugitive man

“Several passers-by and motorists observed the kicks and asked the suspect to stop them immediately,” said a police spokesman. The 25-year-old then fled in the direction of Brennerstrasse. But: “Several witnesses followed him there who could put him and hand him over to the alarmed police.”

The attacker was arrested and later brought before a magistrate. The police homicide squad took over the investigation; the Kripo people evaluate the act as an attempted homicide.

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The victim was unconscious when paramedics arrived. An emergency doctor treated the 52-year-old and accompanied him to a clinic. It has now been established that no serious injuries have occurred. According to the doctors, there was no danger to life. (dg)

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