Hamburg: Fire brigade saves six people in the basement fire

Fire brigade saves six people in basement fire

Firefighters respond to a basement fire.  Photo: Frank Bründel/CityNewsTV/dpa

Firefighters respond to a basement fire. photo

© Frank Bründel/CityNewsTV/dpa

A fire in a basement caused the stairwell of an apartment building in Hamburg-Hamm to smoke enormously. As a result, several people were locked in their homes. Because they stayed there, worse things could be prevented.

The fire brigade in Hamburg saved six people because of a basement fire in an apartment building. The fire brigade announced on Friday that they were locked in their apartments because of the increasing smoke. According to a fire brigade spokesman, three residents were brought to safety from the stairwell on Friday night, three more with a turntable ladder from the balcony. Two residents were treated on site with smoke poisoning, it was said.

Because the fire had damaged the house connection, the electricity in the building went out. 15 people had to be housed elsewhere.

In this context, the fire brigade praised the exemplary behavior of the residents, who had listened to the instructions of the control center and did not seek rescue through the smoke-filled stairwell, but stayed in their apartments. In this way, they did not inhale the dangerous smoke gases and were quickly brought to safety by the fire brigade. “A heavily smoky stairwell is not a suitable escape route,” it said.


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