Handball: HSV Hamburg professional announces end of career

The forced break is over. After his two-game ban, Tobias Schimmelbauer is making his comeback on Sunday. It’s a good thing that the HSV Hamburg defense specialist is allowed to play again against his former club TVB Stuttgart. His plans for the future are also complete, as he reveals to MOPO.

The waves have long since calmed down and for mold builders the matter is over. “It’s good that I can play again,” says the 35-year-old, who hit opponent Magnus Röd in the face with his elbow in the 32:34 defeat in Flensburg at the beginning of March and saw first the red and then the blue card had.

Magnus Röd had accused Tobias Schimmelbauer of a deliberate foul

After the game, Röd assumed that the Hamburger, who is known and notorious for his hard play, had an intention. “I know what I did and didn’t do,” says Schimmelbauer. “I hit him stupid in the heat of the moment. I’m sorry for that. It wasn’t on purpose and I told Röd that too. I’m not an unfair player. I can look in the mirror.” And forward.


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Schimmelbauer’s days in the Bundesliga are coming to an end. The countdown is running. Sounds more dramatic than he feels, but it’s a fact.

For the first time, the 1.99 meter giant, whose contract is expiring and who had not received a new offer from HSVH after four years with the club, talks about his future. “After 16 years as a professional, it’s over in the summer.”

Schimmelbauer becomes a fashion manager – and equips the HSVH with it

He doesn’t feel sad about the end of his career, assures “Schimmel”, as he is called in the team. “I’m just looking forward to the last games with my team. It’s a lot of fun with us right now.”

The plan for the time after that is in place. Schimmelbauer goes back home, the Rhine-Main region. “I’m going to be a project manager for a fashion brand,” reveals the Wiesbaden native. The company is called “Kleinigkeit” and equips Eintracht Frankfurt and Mainz 05 with clothing for trips away – and also the handball players of the HSVH. The contact came about through Schimmelbauer. One of his best buddies is the founder of the company. “I’m looking forward to the new task.”

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His goal for the end of the season and career? “No more blue cards!” says Schimmelbauer and laughs out loud. “Seriously: I want to continue our great run with the team and end up as high as possible.” Given the current seventh place, everything points to the best final placement in his long career. It would be a grand finale.

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