Harrison Ford ends the debate between Han Solo and Indiana Jones once and for all

Harrison Ford has a very long history of blunt honesty with interviewers, and his confused feelings about the state of the “Star Wars” fandom as a whole are legendary at this point. His irascible irreverence has earned us dozens of memorable moments in films and interviews over the years.

Aside from his absolute honesty on the subject, he also tends to base his one-on-one conversations on a specific four-letter word. In fact, his Esquire interview in May 2023 is another example of his many attempts to achieve truthfulness — and verbal saltiness — with members of the media. During the Esquire interview, he mentions an article for The Hollywood Reporter from February 2023 that upset his wife Calista Flockhart because the profile relied on profanity.

Then he explains his salty choice of words. “The author and I sat on folding chairs in a horse stable. It didn’t feel formal enough to need to brush up on my language,” he said. “And they printed every single f***.”

You can see Harrison Ford using much clearer language on June 30th in what is rumored to be the last Indiana Jones film, Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny. He’s also a regular on Apple TV+’s “Shrinking,” which just wrapped up its first season.

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