Hawaii fans can’t wait to see more of Lucy and Kate in Season 3

With the immense online following that this special couple has amassed over two TV seasons, it’s no wonder fans are already awaiting the next chapter in Lucy Tara and Kate Whistler’s relationship — although there’s no real confirmation of it, that their idyllic relationship will stay that way into next season.

In fact, all of the above tweets praising the “continuation” of Kate and Lucy’s relationship refer to the renewal of “NCIS: Hawaii” for a third season, which took place in February 2023, and didn’t mention that Lucy or Kate’s storyline advance . In addition, there are two more episodes left in Season 2 and plenty of time for another unexpected obstacle to separating the two apparent soul mates. The show has previously struggled to separate the couple, as the aforementioned “Agent Afloat” storyline forced Lucy from Hawaii for much of Season 2 to appear in an “NCIS” crossover event.

While it’s clear that the vast majority of fans are hoping Lucy and Kate will take their relationship to the next level in Season 3, there’s no telling where the season finale will leave the internet’s most popular “NCIS” couple — nor, whether they will be together throughout the third season as these fans seem to think.

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