Hawley Grills Biden Witness On Putting Climate Change Agenda Over Energy Security | Wayne Dupree

When a Biden cabinet member said on Tuesday that the climate change agenda took precedence over the lives of blue collar people because “there’s a lot of jobs,” a significant senator responded in shock.

Sen. Josh Hawley (R-MO) and Interior Secretary Deb Haaland had a discussion about this on Tuesday when Hawley brought up the fact that the Biden administration is pushing for electric cars, which need lithium-ion batteries. Hawley said that the United States’ reliance on an opponent for such electric vehicle components presented a concern when a perplexed Haaland revealed she was unaware that China was the world’s top producer of refined lithium and cobalt and the top exporter of graphite to the United States.

We are becoming more and more reliant on China, according to Hawley, as a result of your choice to sacrifice our energy security in favour of a radical climate change agenda. Additionally, you are delaying, preventing, and denying mine permits in this nation that would enable us to develop nickel, copper, and cobalt. Why? Why prevent our own country from developing these resources in favour of making us reliant on China?


The Biden Administration earlier this year prohibited mining on 225,504 acres close to Duluth, Minnesota. Haaland enquired as to whether Hawley was referring to the Boundary Waters, which are close to the Twin Metals mine in northeast Minnesota and are a “iconic place, of course, a very valuable ecological system for many plants, animals, and species.”

Hawley said, “Jobs for blue collar folks in our country are vital resources. “American families’ means of subsistence and general wellbeing are precious resources. Being independent of China and having our own industry is a significant resource for America. Why should such things be abandoned in favour of your goal for extreme climate change, which would affect millions of Americans?

“Senator, I’m aware that there are now 1.9 jobs for every American living in the nation. I am aware that there are several employment, Haaland said.

“Wait a second. Wait a second. Wait a second. You’re telling me that there are too many jobs in this nation? Hawley enquired.

Haaland said, “Well, I’m arguing that we don’t have enough people. “As a result, it’s difficult for us to fill positions in our department.”

You’re saying that there are too many jobs for blue-collar people, aren’t you? Hawley retaliated. “Have you seen how many jobs we’ve lost to China in the past 20 years in our country? Do you know the source of those jobs? There are now more than three million jobs in China. Do you have any idea where those positions came from? They originated in communities in the Midwest, like the ones I represent. You’re sitting here telling me that there are too many jobs in this nation even if these people are blue-collar workers? Are you kidding me?

Hawley said that while the Biden administration was pursuing a questionable environmental agenda, it was firing blue-collar people.

“I think the most, potentially — and this is quite a high bar, I might add — the most unbelievable statement I have heard from a member of this administration maybe in my time in the Senate is trading off American energy security in favour of your radical climate change agenda, shutting down well-paying jobs in our energy sector, and then saying we’ve got plenty of jobs in this country,” Hawley said.

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