Heading the Ministry of Planning threw Tebet into the real world

During a debate on interest rates, inflation and economic growth that took place in the Senate, the Minister of Planning and Budget, Simone Tebet, criticized the high interest rate practiced by the Central Bank. Tebet was next to the president of the BC, Roberto Campos Neto, and also the minister of Finance, Fernando Haddad.

Known for defending a more liberal economy, including during the presidential campaign, Tebet ended up aligning himself with Haddad against the high interest rate policy. during the program News Analysisthe columnist of UOL Tales Faria stated that Tebet fell into the “real world”.

Running the Ministry of Planning threw Tebet into the real world. Tales Faria

In Tales’ assessment, even though he surrounded himself with liberal economists during the campaign, the need for a broader view of the economy made Tebet recognize that the Central Bank’s decisions interfere in politics and, above all, in social issues.

Tebet more radical than Haddad. The columnist of UOL stated that during the debate that took place in the Senate, Tebet was even more radical than Haddad. “Haddad with the theses that if he keeps interest rates at 13.75% there will be no way to grow, not surprising, but what surprised him was Simone saying that the BC cannot consider that its decisions are only technical because they also interfere in politics” , he said.

Abandonment of liberal ideals. Tales said that by joining macroeconomics with the real world, Tebet realized that the world is not just about numbers and, therefore, started to look at political and social issues as well.

Political capital. Simone Tebet intends to run for president again after being defeated in 2022 and, for that, she needs to accumulate political capital. Tales stated that if the economy does not grow and interest rates remain at 13.75%, there will be no room in the budget to support, for example, Bolsa Família. “If the government does not deliver what it promised, Tebet will be one of the culprits.”

Opposition bets on the economic issue. During the program, the columnist of the UOL he also pointed out that an economic failure by the Lula government is the opposition’s main bet to succeed in overthrowing the current president.

Need for tax reform. Finally, Tales pointed out that the fiscal framework needs to work for the government to get space in the budget and, for that, Lula needs a tax reform so that he can increase revenue. “It’s the only way,” he decreed.

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