‘Heat Officers’ in LA and Miami, cooling without global warming, re-discovering extinct species

Today in Squirrel News, we take a look at how Heat Officers in the U.S. tackle record high temperatures, an air conditioning technology aims to cool homes without further damaging the planet, and the country of Gabon proves to be an excellent testing ground for camera-trap technology.

A peek at heat crisis response in Los Angeles and Miami-Dade County

The governments of Los Angeles and Miami-Dade County were among the first to have carved out a role to combat extreme heat. From tree canopy expansions to cooling networks, let us take a look at how the areas are faring.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Authorities look to keep homes cool without further inflaming the planet

Many people turn to air conditioning as the world continues to experience record-breaking heat. Since the practice only intensifies climate change, the New York City Housing Authority will install a cooling technology designed to yield environmental benefits.

Source: The Christian Science Monitor

Master of all trades: retrofit firm tackles climate and cost of living crises

B4Box in Stockport says by training workers in multiple skills it can build a better future and provide jobs.

Source: The Guardian

These low-cost apartments run on very little energy

The Canadian city of Hamilton will soon construct an apartment building for homeless residents. The aim is not only to meet ‘Passive House’ standards, but also to benefit the environment.

Source: Fast Company

New cancer treatment offers hope to patients out of options

A UK trial finds combination of drugs can work where tumours have become resistant to immunotherapy — a treatment that uses parts of a person’s immune system to fight the disease.

Source: The Guardian

New England cities mulling law against abortion misinformation

Sommerville passed a law earlier this year to secure abortion seekers from deceptive health advice from crisis pregnancy centers. There are quite a number of these facilities in Massachusetts where abortion rights are protected.

Source: Bloomberg

We can reduce global emissions by 700 million tonnes if we cycle like the Dutch

According to a research conducted by the University of Southern Denmark, the massive figure surpasses the whole carbon footprint of the majority of countries, including the UK and Australia.

Source: Euronews

How peatlands help mitigate effects of climate change

From mantaining biodiversity to generating cooling effect, peatlands play a crucial role in curbing impact of environmental challenges. Several hectares of this type of wetland have been restored in Wales, exceeding expectations.

Source: Cambrian News

In Gabon, camera-trap developers find the ideal proving ground for their craft

Snapshots of species once thought extinct in the country, such as lions, have helped inform conservation policy, including the establishment of national parks and protection of vast swaths of forest.

Source: Mongabay

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