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Heeseberg eliminates Türk Gücü

07/23/2023, 20:37

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The free kick for the preliminary decision in the first semi-final: Niklas Wikert circled the ball from 17 meters around the Helmstedter Mauer to make it 3-1 for FC Heeseberg.

The free kick for the preliminary decision in the first semi-final: Niklas Wikert circled the ball from 17 meters around the Helmstedter Mauer to make it 3-1 for FC Heeseberg.

Photo: Jens Semmer / regios24

FCH defeated the newly promoted state league 4-1 and met FC Schunter in the final, who held their own against HSV.

The defending champion is out! In the first semi-final of the NFV-Kreis Helmstedt Super Cups in Bahrdorf, the weakened football state league club FC Türk Gücü Helmstedt had to face the FC Heeseberg defeated 1:4 (1:1). On Tuesday, the Heesebergers will meet in the final FC Schunterwho defeated Helmstedter SV 2-1 (1-0) in the second semi-final.

FC Türk Gücü Helmstedt – FC Heeseberg 1: 4 (1: 1). Goals: 0-1 Rick (6′), 1-1 Ghorbani (37′), 1-2 Maushake (50′), 1-3 Wikert (73′), 1-4 Schrader (90′).

From the start, the Heesebergers were the game-determining team – and they rewarded themselves early on. After a corner from Felix Maushake, Jens-Olaf Rick, who was criminally left alone, only had to push the ball over the line at the second post – the 1:0 (6th minute). Maushake had twice the chance to make it 2-0 midway through the first half, but he was denied in a one-on-one by Türk Gücü’s keeper Kevin Popko. For a long time there was not enough offensive from the state league, it only became dangerous in the 37th minute: After a ball, Alireza Ghorbani appeared free in front of the Heeseberger box and scored the equalizer.

After the change of sides, the balance of power hardly changed. While Helmstedter only had two clear chances – Miquel Braun Roig missed (48th) and Ghorbani failed to keeper Malte Waldau (59th) -, Heeseberg came up with around half a dozen good shots. Maushake (50th) with a dust-off, Niklas Wikert with a direct free kick (73rd) and Alexander Schrader (90th) ensured the deserved victory for the district league team.

“If we had exploited our chances a little better, we could have closed the sack earlier,” said Heeseberg’s coach Michael Veith after reaching the final. “It was a good performance by my team, especially against the ball.” His opposite number Fatih Özmezarci partially defended his team: “We’re still missing a lot of regular players. My boys are walking on their gums.” But he also made it clear: “Those who are available have to prove themselves in a game like this.” And that, according to the Türk-Gücü coach, didn’t work this time.

Helmstedter SV – FC Schunter 1: 2 (0: 1). Goals: 0: 1 Rüscher (40th), 0: 2 Busch (57th), 1: 2 Ambronn (82nd). Yellow-red: Speh (60th, FC).

In the duel between the district leagues, Helmstedter had more possession of the ball, “but we had really good transition moments and that’s how we scored our goals,” reported FC coach Julien Wossmann, who was satisfied with his team’s performance. “We all had men with us – and then you also notice that we have a certain quality. It really made me want to.”

Curious: In the last half hour, both teams only played with nine field players. Schunter’s Nick Speh saw yellow and then yellow-red within a few seconds. “The dismissal was complete nonsense. That’s what Helmstedt said too, which is why they took a player off the field,” said Wossmann, describing HSV’s fair gesture.

His coach Marco Behse saw “a fairly balanced game overall” in which his team “had a few chances to equalize” after Max Ambronn’s goal, which had been well used by Christoph Osteroth. In the largest of them, however, Osteroth, who was bare, shot a little hastily into the arms of Schunter’s goalkeeper Jannis Zirn (89th).

The Super Cup schedule

Group 1 (Wed 19 July)

SV Lauingen Bornum – FC Türk Gücü Helmstedt 3: 4 on penalties
FC Schunter – SV Lauingen Bornum 3: 2 on penalties

FC Türk Gücü Helmstedt – FC Schunter 3:0

1. FC Türk Gücü Helmstedt 2 7: 3 6

2. FC Schunter 2 3: 5 3

3. SV Lauingen Bornum 2 5: 7 0

Group 2 (Thu, July 20)

Helmstedter SV – FSV Schöningen II 5:0

FC Heeseberg – Helmstedter SV 1: 3

FSV Schöningen II – FC Heeseberg 0:5

1. Helmstedter SV 2 8: 1 6

2. FC Heeseberg 2 6: 3 3

3. FSV Schoeningen II 2 0:10 0


FC Turk Gücü Helmstedt – FC Heeseberg 1:4

Helmstedter SV – FC Schunter 1:2


FC Heeseberg – FC Schunter Tuesday, July 25, 6:30 p.m

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