Hello Kitty Island Adventure Hangyodon Guide

What is Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

Allow me to expound upon the attributes of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, a captivating video game that beckons players to embark upon a serene and gratifying escapade alongside Hello Kitty and Friends, with the noble aspiration of restoring an erstwhile abandoned island to its former grandeur. This esteemed game is readily available for acquisition on the App Store, ensuring accessibility on a diverse array of mobile devices.

The underlying goal of this enchanting venture revolves around unraveling the concealed enigmas nestled within the island’s confines, all the while endeavoring to accomplish an assortment of quests and activities.

Within the embrace of this delightful realm, players possess the esteemed privilege of forging amicable bonds with an array of illustrious Sanrio characters, each with their own unique preferences for gifts. As players nurture these relationships, the intricate fabric of camaraderie flourishes. A compelling crafting system augments the immersive experience, empowering players to fabricate a myriad of items through the judicious employment of materials discovered upon the island.

The pathway to progression within this captivating realm is charted through the dutiful completion of quests and activities, which may encompass the undertaking of specific objectives or tasks. Moreover, an esteemed Fast Travel system awaits players, promising convenience and efficiency in traversing the enchanting landscape. Unlocking this system necessitates the discovery of Kuromi within the esteemed Spooky Swamp area, an achievement heralded after the successful completion of the illustrious “Power Up the Gate” quest.

In its totality, Hello Kitty Island Adventure stands as an exuberant and delightful game, tailored to offer a unique and gratifying experience, tailored explicitly to the ardent devotees of Hello Kitty and the esteemed Sanrio characters.

May this refined and comprehensive elucidation enable a deeper appreciation of the charms and virtues interwoven within the cherished realm of Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

Hello Kitty Island Adventure Hangyodon Guide

Unlocking the Snorkel – A Key Step

To traverse the depths of Hello Kitty Island Adventure and uncover the elusive Hangyodon, mastering the art of underwater diving is essential. This can be achieved by crafting a Snorkel, an indispensable item allowing underwater exploration.

To create a Snorkel, it is imperative to attain Friendship Level 6 with Kuromi. Once this significant milestone is reached, the “Deep Diving” quest shall be unlocked, subsequently granting access to the coveted Snorkel crafting plans.

Expediting Friendship Level 6 with Kuromi

For those encountering difficulty in raising their Friendship Level with Kuromi, a thoughtful approach involves presenting her with Jack-o-Lanterns or Pumpkins as gifts. A patch of Pumpkins situated near the Potion Hut in the Spooky Swamp, where Kuromi typically resides, presents a fortuitous opportunity to acquire these items.

The Quest with Kuromi

Upon achieving Level 6 Friendship with Kuromi, make an earnest visit to her in the Spooky Swamp. She shall be found on the dock adjacent to the Potion Hut. At this juncture, Kuromi will solicit assistance in retrieving a misplaced Locket submerged in the Swamp. In a generous gesture, she shall lend her Snorkel for this vital endeavour.

Diving for the Locket

To procure the Locket concealed beneath the waters, a well-coordinated underwater dive is required. Upon entering the swamp, an indicative Snorkel icon and slider shall manifest on the right side of the screen. By adeptly dragging the Snorkel down on the slider, one can plunge deeper underwater, while sliding it back up shall effectuate a smooth ascent to the surface.

Receiving the Snorkel Plans

After the successful retrieval of the Locket and its return to Kuromi, she shall demonstrate an inclination to retain her Snorkel. However, instead of retaining it outright, she shall generously bestow the Snorkel Plans, thereby enabling the crafting of a personal Snorkel.

The Snorkel Crafting Requirements

In pursuit of creating a Snorkel based on the blueprints gifted by Kuromi, the following materials are imperative:

  • 10x Rubber
  • 2x Spark
  • 2x Iron Ingot

Locating Rubber

Rubber can be readily discovered throughout the Seaside Resort area, where prominent characters like Hello Kitty, My Melody, and Badtz-maru conduct their business. It assumes the form of small rubber balls, distinguished by pink, blue, and purple striations. Focusing one’s search around the base of palm trees within the Seaside Resort yields the most favorable results.

Obtaining Spark

Spark materializes through the combination of three Light Stones at a Crafting Table. Plans for crafting Spark are acquired upon completing the “A Zipline Adventure” quest with Pochacco, achievable by attaining Friendship Level 4 with Pochacco.

Light Stones, a crucial component in crafting Spark, are obtainable by gifting Kuromi items that resonate with her preferences, such as Pumpkins or Jack-O-Lanterns. The caliber of the gift bestowed upon Kuromi shall influence the number of Light Stones bestowed in return.

Gaining Iron Ingot

An Iron Ingot, essential in crafting the Snorkel, comes into being through the fusion of three Iron Ore. These ores can solely be found in the vicinity of Mount Hothead, a volcanic region situated in the northwest section of the island and home to Retsuko.

To craft Iron Ingot, the pertinent Iron Ingot Plans must be procured. The latter can be uncovered within Gemstone Mountain. To access Gemstone Mountain, utilize the Zipline located at the top left corner of Spooky Swamp, in proximity to the haunted roller coaster ride. Before commencing the journey, ensure the repair of the Zipline utilizing Spark. Once operational, one can journey via the Zipline to the southeast cliff of Gemstone Mountain.

Locate the Iron Ingot Crafting Plans within Gemstone Mountain, situated on a barrel to the left of the Dance Hall. This Dance Hall is directly north of the Gemstone Town Fast Travel Mailbox, where Pekkle can usually be found.

Upon the discovery of the Iron Ingot Crafting Plans, proceed to craft Iron Ingots using Iron Ore collected in the vicinity of Mount Hothead.

Crafting the Snorkel

Employ the Crafting Table and the acquired Rubber, Spark, and Iron Ingots to successfully fashion the Snorkel, which shall be promptly equipped.

Locating Hangyodon

With the Snorkel crafted from Kuromi’s gifted plans, navigate the ocean to reach Hangyodon’s abode. During the swim, observant individuals will notice a “Gift” icon positioned above a submerged building door.

Equipped with the crafted Snorkel, no explicit act of equipping is necessary. During deep-water swims, the Snorkel icon shall materialize on the right side of the screen alongside a slider. By skillfully sliding the Snorkel slider downward, the adventurer can effortlessly submerge underwater.

It is pertinent to acknowledge that underwater diving and breath-holding necessitate Stamina. Greater Stamina ensures lengthier periods of underwater exploration. The moment Stamina depletes, an immediate ascent to the surface ensues.


What Other Items Are Needed To Swim?

In order to engage in aquatic activities within Hello Kitty Island Adventure, certain requisites must be fulfilled, as follows:


The indispensable implement facilitating swimming across the island’s waters. Acquire these by conversing with Keroppi after obtaining the knowledge of swimming.


A paramount device to delve into the depths of the aquatic world. Obtain the Snorkel through either the art of crafting or the discovery of specific locations.

Rubber and Ticks:

Resources of significance, crucial for the construction of the Yellow Gear Detector. This device serves as an essential tool in the detection and retrieval of the Yellow Gears.

It warrants emphasis that these specified items are of utmost necessity to access designated areas and complete imperative quests in the game. Should any difficulty arise in procuring these items or should any inquiries concerning the game surface, it is judicious to consult in-game tutorials or official guides, thus ensuring access to the most accurate and contemporaneous information available.

How to Unlock The Snorkel?

To attain access to the coveted Snorkel and unlock the ability to partake in underwater exploration within Hello Kitty Island Adventure, observe the following meticulous steps:

Enhance Friendship Level with Kuromi: As an initial prerequisite for Snorkel acquisition, it is incumbent upon you to elevate your Friendship Level with Kuromi to an esteemed Level 6. Engaging in interactions with Kuromi and dutifully completing quests and activities concerning her shall facilitate the realisation of this aspiration.

Accomplish the “Deep Diving” Quest:

Once the esteemed Friendship Level 6 with Kuromi is attained, the consequential unveiling of the “Deep Diving” quest shall occur. Deem it requisite to embrace this quest earnestly and adhere to its stipulated objectives until its successful completion.

Obtain the Snorkel Plans:

As an outcome of your resolute completion of the “Deep Diving” quest, Kuromi shall bestow upon you the highly sought-after Snorkel plans. These plans, being of integral importance, serve as the foundation for crafting the coveted Snorkel.

Craft the Snorkel:

Embark upon the venerated craft of the Snorkel through the judicious utilization of the bestowed Snorkel plans. Exercise vigilance, as the requisite crafting materials may manifest with variability, necessitating the gathering of the appropriate resources.

Equip the Snorkel:

Upon the successful execution of the Snorkel’s fabrication, conscientiously equip this esteemed tool from your inventory or equipment menu. This act shall enable the utilization of the Snorkel and its resultant ability to facilitate underwater excursions within the game.

It is paramount to exercise discernment in acknowledging that the specific requirements and procedures may exhibit slight deviations contingent upon the version or updates of the game. In the event of any quandaries or the desire for further elucidation, it is judicious to refer to in-game tutorials, official guides, or walkthroughs, thereby ensuring access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

How Do I Access Chococat’s Crafting Bench?

To gain access to Chococat’s esteemed crafting bench within the esteemed realm of Hello Kitty Island Adventure, one must adhere diligently to the following outlined steps:

Completion of the “Power Up the Gate” Quest:

The key to accessing Chococat’s crafting bench hinges upon the successful completion of the illustrious “Power Up the Gate” quest in the esteemed company of Chococat. This quest, being of momentous import, may encompass specific objectives or tasks, all of which necessitate dutiful execution.

Discovery of Chococat’s Tent:

Upon the triumphant completion of the aforementioned quest, diligently ascertain the precise location of Chococat’s tent, situated in the northeastern expanse of the esteemed Resort area. Expedite this endeavor through the prudent utilization of Fast Travel, provided such a feature is available within the confines of the game.

Access to the Crafting Bench:

Subsequent to the successful location of Chococat’s tent, one shall encounter the revered crafting bench ensconced within its confines. Engage in interaction with this illustrious bench, thereby securing unfettered access to the realm of crafting and the opportunity to fashion an array of esteemed items.

It is imperative to exercise discernment in acknowledging that the specific requirements and procedures may exhibit slight deviations contingent upon the version or updates of the game. In the event of any quandaries or the desire for further elucidation, it is judicious to refer to in-game tutorials, official guides, or walkthroughs, thereby ensuring access to the most accurate and up-to-date information available.

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