‘Her madness is identical to mine’

Bruno Watermann has tattoos, named Suzane and Daniel’s children, and intends to visit her with a bouquet of flowers

Man has several tattoos in honor of Suzane Richthofen

Man has several tattoos in honor of Suzane Richthofen

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With several tattoos in honor of Suzane von Richthofen, a man calls himself the number 1 fan of the criminal, who became known for being the mastermind behind the murder of his parents, Manfred and Marísia. In an interview with journalist Ullisses Campbell, Bruno Watermann, 38, claims that he has been in love with her since the first time she appeared on TV, and that it was “love at first sight”.

The resident of Carlópolis, Paraná, even baptized the two children of Suzane and Daniel, named after her ex-boyfriend, also convicted of the murder. “Her madness is identical to mine”, he says, denying that it is in the sense of murdering her own parents. “My admiration for her doesn’t stop there”, he declares when revealing that he lost contact with his parents, who moved away when they learned that he was a fan of Suzane.

Watermann has her name tattooed, the date of her birth, the date the crime was committed, and her sign. But he claims that the craziest thing he will do for the former prisoner is to visit her in Angatuba, in the interior of São Paulo, and deliver a bouquet of flowers. “I dream about it every day,” she reveals.

Suzane Richthofen

Suzane Richthofen

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The painter also claims that if Suzane called him to kill her parents with sticks, he would accept, but on one condition: “If she loved me like I love her, I would accept. So I understand what Daniel did. […] Suzanne, I love you!”

remember the case

On the night of October 31, 2002, Marísia and Manfred were killed in their bed by their daughter’s boyfriend, Daniel Cravinhos, and his brother, Cristian Cravinhos. Suzane, three days away from turning 19, masterminded the crime and opened the door to her parents’ killers.

The three forged a robbery scenario, but a thorough and quick investigation by the police meant that, in ten days, those involved ended up confessing to the double homicide.

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