Hidden martial arts film details that almost nobody notices

Jackie Chan, Sammo Hung, and Yuen Biao are collectively known as the Three Brothers or the Three Dragons. This trio has made numerous all-time great kung fu films together and also pursued independent solo careers. Biao had many great leading roles, but Chan and Hung were the bigger stars and competed for the position of the Hong Kong film industry’s top martial arts movie star.

At 71, Hung is two years older than Chan and was the first of the three brothers to break into the film industry. He continued to help the other two since they all educated and grew up together in China Drama Academy. As Chan became more popular than Hung, competition emerged. For a long time, the competition between Chan and Hung was to the audience’s advantage, as they both pushed them to make better movies with faster fights, harder punches, and bigger stunts.

Eventually, their rivalry stopped being so friendly. The 1988 production of Dragon’s Forever, which starred all three dragons, marked the most contentious period between Chan and Hung. They largely went their separate ways by the end of the decade, but eventually reunited when Hung Chan starred in Mr. Nice Guy” and “The Medallion” and the two acted together in “Around the World in 80 Days”.

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