Historic ocean treaty, schools teaching happiness, free higher education for single moms

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Today in Squirrel News, nations have reached a historic agreement to protect the oceans, German elementary schools teach happiness, and a program in southern Arizona gives single moms access to free higher education.

Nations agree on historic ocean treaty

After 10 years of negotiations, nations have reached a historic agreement to protect the world’s oceans. The High Seas Treaty aims to designate 30% of the oceans as protected areas by 2030 to protect and recover marine nature.

Source: BBC

In this German city, schools teach happiness

16 elementary schools in Braunschweig, Germany have integrated a weekly happiness course in response to a surge in anxiety and depression among youth caused by the pandemic.

Source: Reasons to be Cheerful

Program gives single moms access to free higher education

Pathways for Single Moms has partnered with a community college to expand its reach. The program offers free tuition, child care and a grant for transportation and other expenses.

Source: Copper Courier

US non-profit helps people held in pre-trial jails who cannot afford bail

In the US, most of the over 400,000 who are incarcerated pending trial cannot afford to bail. A non-profit is now assisting these individuals, particularly low-income persons of colour.

Source: Yes! magazines

Scotland to ban environmentally harmful anesthetic

Desflurane, a gas used to keep patients unconscious during surgery, has a 2,500-fold higher global warming potential than carbon dioxide. Scotland has become the first country to stop the use of the anesthetic in its hospitals.

Source: BBC

Scientists work on biomaterials which could power kitchens in remote areas

Researchers are experimenting with silk cocoon, spider silk and other natural materials to harvest electricity.

Source: Mongabay-India

Bacteria-killing viruses could be key to fighting antibiotic resistance

A leading UK scientist is pushing for bacteriophages to be used as standard medicine as the risks linked to antibiotic resistance rise. The approach could become the routine treatment for conditions like chronic UTIs.

Source: The Guardian

Vertical farming in Wyoming makes fresh produce available within reach

Cultivating leafy greens is a struggle in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, due to the short growing season. But thanks to the first vertical farm in North America, the produce no longer needs to be sourced from thousands of miles away.

Source: The Story Exchange

Rwanda promotes food security through aquaculture

In Rwanda, food production has been slow, causing vendors to sell imported fish. But one project seeks to change that by using a recirculating agriculture system, as well as giving farmers free fish and training for sustainable farming.

Source: Deutsche Welle

Restoration turns pastures into wildlife havens in Brazil’s Atlantic Forest

In two decades, the nonprofit has planted 750,000 trees, seen a return of hundreds of birds, and reintroduced the lowland tapir to Rio de Janeiro for the first time in 100 years.

Source: Monga Bay

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