How do ChatGPT flaws influence tech careers?

Alexandre Tibechrani, General Manager Americas at Ironhack, explains why professionals should see ChatGPT as an opportunity and not a threat.

April 14
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ChatGPT has been gaining prominence in all areas of society since its launch in November last year. From concerns about its impact on the labor market to education, the tool has brought up several discussions about when to use it and the consequences of it.

In a text sent to Canaltech, Alexandre Tibechrani, General Manager Americas at Ironhack, says that although the tool based on artificial intelligence can perform several tasks, it will never replace the qualities and sensibilities of a human being or an experienced professional. Therefore, it is important that they start to see the tool as an opportunity and not a threat.

“No wonder, in just five days after its launch, more than a million people tried to consult ChatGPT. Among them are professionals from different sectors, who found a huge advantage in the tool regarding its automation, speed and customization characteristics A great example is the Web Development segment, in which programmers are helped by the OpenAI product for developing Python, JavaScript, Ruby, among others”, he points out.

How can ChatGPT help?

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In addition to optimizing bureaucratic and repetitive tasks, Tibechrani points out that ChatGPT can be trained to perform activities such as data analysis, identifying patterns and providing important insights to assist in decision making. Leaving these tasks simpler for development teams with the help of the bot, companies can delegate more complex and strategic activities to teams of more qualified specialists.

ChatGPT errors and how companies should deal with them

The General Manager recognizes that the scenario of organizations, however, has not yet fully understood this logic and some companies continue to try to “hire” ChatGPT as a human employee.

“Obviously, this is a complete mistake, especially when we look closely at some of the obstacles that the tool has, in addition to the credibility of the answers, which is questionable at certain times because it is at the mercy of the platform’s limited database”, he points out.

According to him, when the chatbot is demanded beyond its capacity, it delivers standardized texts that sometimes do not make sense or do not solve a proposed problem.

“For that reason, it’s more than important that any leadership or professional try to take advantage of this resource that doesn’t actually exist. Literally the maximum benefit it offers is support in research, service, design and programming, not occupying the place of the committed professional who is used to making things happen”, says Alexandre.

How can creative teams take advantage of this?

Despite the widespread fear that has arisen in recent months about the tool and its impact on the job market, the tool is still not able to replace critical thinking and creativity. In addition, discussions about how artificial intelligence will interact with human creativity are many.

Cutting through copyright issues and everything that still needs to be evaluated about how AIs are trained and their databases, tools like DALL-E and ChatGPT can be used as great sources of inspiration and block breaking creative.

According to Alexandre, it is expected that the more these tools are used, the more the work of the creative teams will be intensified, with the creation of new opportunities:

“This is a context that has everything to benefit those involved: employees, leaders and the tech sector in general. teams or innovative ideas. With that, there is no doubt that the noise caused by OpenAI in recent months will be just the first of several others, which will probably be even louder”, he concludes.

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