How is ‘Succession’ with the death of one of the main characters? – 04/16/2023

This Sunday, for the first time we will see “Succession” after a major twist in the series:

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We will see the series without the presence of its protagonist, the multibillionaire Logan Roy. Many people already imagined that Logan was going to die in this last season, for his four children to begin a bloody succession and honor the name of the series. But I confess that I thought it would last a little longer. His death in Episode 3 was sudden, unprepared, and left everyone disoriented—both the other characters and us, the fans.

Logan didn’t die before making two more of his despotic and scumbag decisions: missing Connor’s wedding, his eldest son, and firing Gerri, his assistant for decades, for no really serious reason.

But what might happen in the seven episodes yet to come? It is inevitable to imagine that Ken, Roman and Shiv will stop being allies to become enemies in the struggle for power. If we see even normal middle-class families fighting to the death and moving away for an apartment to be divided between their children, imagine what will not happen for the control of the powerful Waystar Royco, which brings together media companies, amusement parks, cruises and much more, with businesses in over 50 countries and assets in the billions.

Hypotheses for the course of ‘Succession’

The power belongs to women – Ken, Roman and Shiv are three spoiled, generally incompetent, and the three lack the cold blood and the nerve of a lion that the father had to run the business. But I would bet on Shiv as the true successor to that empire. She was always belittled by her father, in discussions that made it clear that the old man did not trust her with important decisions for the simple fact of being a woman – a rancid machismo typical of his generation. But Shiv is smart and knows how to be smart about her brothers when necessary. In the “worst” scenario, she can incorporate her father and start a series of humiliations on top of her ex, Tom, who was loyal to his father-in-law until the end.

the will – This is the oldest trick of a good story: millionaire leaves surprising will that changes the power relationship between the characters. Did Logan benefit one of his children to a greater degree by revealing after he was dead who his favorite was? Did he acknowledge Tom’s loyalty by giving him some extra power?

Roman the two-faced – Roman has already proven to be nothing faithful to his brothers by breaking his promise to move away from his father. Because of this proximity, he can have more crucial information about the succession at this time, and outwit others.

The Kerry Factor – It is not known to what extent old Logan shared confidences and information with Kerry, his personal assistant with whom he maintained a discreet and very personal relationship. If there is a will, she may have ended up with a much larger slice of the inheritance than her children would have liked. If she’s smart, she might try to ally herself with one of the children against the others—and in this case, Roman seems the closest.

Gregg the asshole – Logan’s grandnephew has been hovering in power since he entered the first season. Logan died without wanting to look at his face because of the last joke that Gregg paid, but he has proven here and there to be a little smarter than he seems. But would he even be able to blackmail one of the brothers to move up in the company?

Roy has been murdered! – Someone on that plane gave the tycoon poison, and it will take us two more episodes to find out. OK, it was just a trip in my head – turning “Succession” in its final stretch into a simple “Who Killed” would be bad screenwriting. Let us pray.

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