How Long Will Chumlee & Crew Be Filming New Pawn Stars Do America Episodes?

But Las Vegas won’t be their only stop for the upcoming season. Earlier in 2023, Rick Harrison posted on Instagram which cities would be part of “Pawn Stars Do America” Season 2, and they include Albuquerque, Boston, Dallas, and many others. Anyone willing to go to one of those cities to try to sell something valuable needed to reach out via email, but given the immense popularity of the franchise, it’s safe to say the crew won’t be short on amazing antiques.

The team had some great luck in the show’s first season. Chumlee was ecstatic to find some uncut “Pokémon” cards, even though he sadly had to let them go. But he’s found immense success elsewhere. In 2017, he opened a candy shop next to the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. Plus, he’s branched out into other snacks, namely beef jerky. According to the website, Chumlee’s Awesome Jerky was born out of the pawnbroker constantly being on the move and thus enjoying portable bites. That’s certainly the case when filming “Pawn Stars Do America.”

Chumlee told the Review-Journal about the biggest obstacle to shooting the new road trip series, “For me, personally, the biggest challenge is not having the comfort of my home.” Last season alone saw the team spend 18 days straight on the road, but given all of the cool items they find they wouldn’t have seen otherwise, it’s well worth the excursion.

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