How many episodes are there in Season 3 of Bluey and which ones will make you emotional?

“Bluey” has long mastered the art of wowing audiences large and small alike. Be it a flashback of Chili (Melanie Zanetti) coping with her feelings of inferiority when Bluey (Uncredited) doesn’t reach childhood milestones in time, or Bluey finding a friend who, it turns out, will see her through thick and thin accompanied , the writers of the series definitely know how to make the whole family cry in a good way.

In the third season, some episodes are suitable to make adults and children emotional. Chili’s sister Brandy (Rose Byrne) finally visits the family in Onesies. She symbolically gives Bluey and Bingo two rompers – Bluey’s cheetah romper is too tight and Bingo’s too loose. An outfit swap leads to comparisons between past and present. Eventually, Chili has to explain why Brandy hasn’t visited the family in a long time, and it’s heavily implied that her sister is infertile. The subject is treated with poignancy and sweetness.

Two more episodes also delve deep into the psyche of the characters. In “Space” Jack, Rusty and Mackenzie play astronauts together. Mackenzie keeps disappearing, and the rest of the pups soon find out why – playing with the pups brings back a memory of how his mother left him. It takes a lot of patience and love to bring him back to the present moment. Finally, The Decider deals with the prospect of divorce and custody battles as Lucky grapples with deciding which football team to support in a big game.

Whether you’re here for light or heavy episodes, there’s sure to be something in Bluey Season 3 that you’ll enjoy.

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