How migrants make the contemplative Plauen a no-go area

PLAUN. The center of the city in the Saxon Vogtland has developed into a crime and violence hotspot. Migrants hang around in downtown Plauen, bully passers-by and commit serious crimes, most recently attempted manslaughter.

Mayor Steffen Zenner (CDU) is desperate. He openly admits that “in the middle of our city center there are repeated ugly scenes of violence and physical altercations”. He said the Picture-Zeitung, “the violence is mainly caused by migrants”. However, he attaches importance “that the majority of the migrants living in Plauen abide by the law”.

Migrant violence on Plauener Postplatz

First, on April 29, the situation at Postplatz escalated. A mass brawl frightened passers-by. According to the police, Iraqi, Romanian and Syrian youths were involved. They reported themselves to the police as victims. The Kripo determined because of dangerous bodily harm against unknown.

On the Saturday before last there was another heated argument between Kurds, North Africans and Arabs – this time in a discotheque in Plauen. The day after, the migrants met in the Post Square to finally settle the conflict. A Syrian stabbed an Iraqi. The knife attack was so severe that only emergency surgery could save the man’s life.

Fear and terror among locals

Meanwhile avoid noisy Picture-Newspaper locals downtown. Businessmen complain about lost sales. Employees exit their shops through back doors to avoid migrants and become the target of violence. The city center is becoming a no-go area for many.

Mayor Zenner is now demanding “upper limits on immigration as well as European and national border security measures that take place across borders and in concert”. In Plauen, around 40 percent of the non-Ukrainian migrants are required to leave the country. The mayor is now demanding “consistent action” from the federal government. The AfD parliamentary group in Saxony also sees Zenner’s party friend, the Saxon Interior Minister Armin Schuster (CDU), as having a duty. (fh)

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