How to Fix Wyze error code 90? A Step-by-Step Guide Here

What is Wyze error code 90?

When you encounter Error Code 90 on your Wyze camera, it indicates a failure in communication between your camera and the Wyze servers. This results in the inability to access your camera’s footage and may also prevent the recording of events. Since the Wyze application depends on the Wyze servers for storing and viewing camera footage, this communication breakdown renders the application ineffective. The issue is not limited to a single cause and can have multiple underlying reasons. However, you can attempt to resolve this problem on your own before seeking assistance from an authorized Wyze service center.

How to Fix Wyze error code 90?

Wyze Labs, Inc. is a smart home product and wireless camera company based in Seattle, Washington. It was previously known as Wyzecam and is founded by former Amazon employees. Despite being a small start-up, Wyze has gained popularity due to its innovative and affordable products. If you encounter an error code 90 when trying to access your Wyze cameras through the Wyze app, it can be a cause for concern as it may seem like a security breach. To help you solve this issue, here are some troubleshooting steps you can try:

  • Check for any hardware or internet connection issues.

  • Perform a power cycle and a factory reset of the camera.

  • If these steps do not work, try flashing an older firmware onto the Wyze camera.

  • Keep in mind that the Wyze error code 90 means that the camera is currently offline.

How to power cycle Wyze camera?

Power cycling is a troubleshooting technique that involves disconnecting an electronic device from its power source to reset it and its connections. Here’s how to power cycle your Wyze camera:

  • Disconnect the camera from its power source on either the wall or the camera side.

  • Wait for 5-10 seconds for the camera to fully discharge.

  • Reconnect the camera to the power source and allow it to reinitialize.

Wyze cam error code 90: How to fix?

Wyze Camera Hardware

Check Wyze Camera Hardware, a smart security camera that heavily relies on internet connectivity, can encounter network drops due to hardware wear and tear. This may trigger error 90 messages to appear on the screen. As an outdoor camera, Wyze may have scuffs, scratches, or other physical deformities over time. To troubleshoot this issue, start by inspecting the Wyze camera’s hardware for any visible damage or deformities. Although minor scratches are probably harmless, any significant damage should be checked by an authorized technician.

Additionally, remove the microSD card from the Wyze camera and connect it to a phone or laptop to check if it works correctly. While inspecting the camera’s body, make sure to check the connections and cables, and replace them if any signs of wear are visible. It is recommended to use accessories from Wyze or reputable brands from trusted sellers.

Unpair and Pair the Wyze Camera on the Wyze App

If you’re experiencing issues with network connectivity for a specific Wyze camera, a simple unpair and pair process may help resolve the issue. Follow these steps to unpair the camera from the Wyze app:

  • Open the Wyze app on your device.

  • Click on the pencil icon from the home page of the app.

  • Tap on “Edit Devices” from the options that appear.

  • Locate the Wyze camera you want to unpair and click on the red icon beside it.

  • Click “Done” to complete the unpairing process.

After successfully unpairing the Wyze camera from the Wyze app, follow these steps to pair it back to the app:

  • Open the Wyze app on your device.

  • Click on the plus icon from the home page of the app.

  • Tap on “Add Device” from the options that appear.

  • Select the Camera option and follow the steps provided.

  • By following these steps, you will be able to pair the Wyze camera back to the Wyze app. It’s important to note that a Wyze camera setup cannot be completed without using the Wyze app. To ensure the proper functioning of Wyze cameras, pairing the device with the Wyze app is necessary.

Check Your Internet Connection

The error code 90 is typically related to internet connectivity issues, which may be caused by a disruption in communication from your end. To troubleshoot this issue, start by checking your internet router for any blinking lights that may indicate network problems. Connect your phone or tablet to your WiFi network to ensure it is functioning correctly.

If your Wyze camera cannot connect to the local network, inspect your internet router hardware for any possible issues. If everything appears to be fine on your end, contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to resolve any potential issues before attempting to troubleshoot the error code 90 further. It’s important to note that some WiFi routers support dual-band WiFi, which includes a conventional 2.4GHz band and an ultra-fast 5GHz band for faster internet speeds. If you have a dual-band router, make sure that the Wyze camera is connected to the correct band. It’s important to note that Wyze cameras should be connected to the 2.4GHz band of your WiFi network rather than the 5GHz band, as the 5GHz band may cause connectivity issues.

If your router supports both bands simultaneously, you can simply connect to the 2.4GHz band to ensure the Wyze camera functions correctly. Most routers come with the WPA/WPA2 protocol enabled by default. However, to ensure your router’s settings are correct, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Wyze app and unpair the Wyze camera that triggered the error 90 pop-ups.

  • Connect your phone or laptop to your WiFi network.

  • Open a web browser and log in to your router’s gateway portal. Note that the gateway portal may differ depending on the router brand and model number.

  • To access the gateway portal, type on your web browser. You can find the login information on the router, or contact your ISP for details.

  • Navigate to the Security tab and locate the setting that lets you toggle the WPA protocol.

  • Ensure the WPA setting is set to WPA/WPA2 or just WPA2. Also, make sure the WiFi mode is set to 802.11 b/g/n.

  • Save the settings and log out of the router’s gateway portal.

  • Restart your modem.

  • Pair the Wyze camera again.

It’s important to note that Wyze cameras are designed to work with private networks and not public networks such as those found in hotels or enterprise WiFi networks that require separate authentication through a sign-in portal.

Power Cycle Your Wyze Cameras

If you encounter the error code 90 message pop-up, the first recommended troubleshooting step is to perform a power cycle on your Wyze camera. This step applies to most issues related to Wyze cameras, including problems with the Wyze motion sensor or the camera not recording to the SD card.

A power cycle essentially involves restarting your Wyze camera hardware to refresh and reboot the camera system, wiping out any temporary bug that may have caused the issue resulting in the error code 90 message. This also resets the internal charge that may have clogged the internal components, refreshing the hardware as well. To power cycle your Wyze camera, follow these steps:

  • Unplug the camera from the wall socket.

  • Allow it to sit idle for a minute while powered off.

  • Replug the camera into the wall socket.

  • Allow it to sit idle for a minute while powered on.

  • This power cycle process is effective for all Wyze cameras, including Wyze Cam v1/v2/v3, Wyze Video Doorbell, Wyze Cam Pan v1/v2, and Wyze Cam Outdoor.

Factory Reset Your Wyze Camera

Performing a factory reset on your Wyze camera can help clear off any bugs that might have caused the error 90 message pop-ups. This will also reset the camera to its original settings, just like when it was first purchased. However, note that the Wyze Cam Outdoor cannot be factory reset. Here are the steps to factory reset your Wyze camera v1/v2 or Pan:

  • Remove the microSD card from inside the Wyze camera.

  • Plug in the camera to the wall socket.

  • While the camera is powered on, press and hold the setup button on the bottom of the camera for 10-20 seconds.

  • Wait for a minute for the camera to reset. In some cases, this can take up to 5 minutes.

  • After the reset, the Wyze camera will indicate that it is ready to be set up again by flashing its LED lights.

For the Wyze Video Doorbell and Video Doorbell Pro, follow these steps to perform a factory reset:

  • Remove the microSD card from inside the Wyze camera.

  • Ensure that the Wyze camera is powered on.

  • Press the reset button on the back of the doorbell once.

Re-Flash Camera Firmware

If none of the previous troubleshooting steps worked, you may need to reflash the firmware on your Wyze camera. Although Wyze regularly updates the firmware of its cameras, new bugs can be introduced with each software package. Moving back to an older firmware that didn’t have the issue can resolve the problem. Here are the steps to flash older firmware onto your Wyze Camera:

  • Format a microSD card to the FAT32 format.

  • Connect the microSD card to a laptop, using an SD card adapter if needed.

  • Download the firmware of your choice from Wyze’s support site. If you’re unsure, download the version just before the current one.

  • Rename the firmware file as demo.bin. If you have a Wyze v3 camera, rename the firmware file as demo_wcv3.bin.

  • Copy the demo.bin file to the microSD card.

  • Insert the microSD card into the Wyze camera.

  • Turn on the Wyze camera.

  • Long press and hold the reset/select button until the lights turn purple.

  • Release the button and let it sit idle for 3 to 5 minutes to initiate the flashing process.

  • This will flash the firmware of your choice onto the Wyze camera.

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