How to make an envelope on the computer

If you need to make an envelope on the computer, you can use software to create the document automatically or manually; check how to proceed

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Making an envelope on the computer can be a useful task for anyone who wants to mail or direct mail professionally. For this, it is possible to use word processing software, such as Word, and printing tools that adjust to the correct format of the envelope.

How to Create an Envelope in Word

To enter envelope data in conventional format, you can use an application that offers formatting options specific to this task. In Word, the process is quite simple and can be performed in older versions of the program. See step by step below:

  1. Open Word on the computer;
  2. Click on “Mailings”;
  3. Select “Envelope”;
  4. Enter the delivery and sender data;

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  6. Click “Page Setup”;
  7. Select paper size or fit a custom format;
  8. Choose “Horizontal” orientation;
  9. Press the “OK” button;
  10. Click “Customize”;
  11. Select the envelope input method on the printer;
  12. Click “OK”;
  13. Press “OK” to save.

How to print the envelope

You can print your document directly from Word’s print options. See how to proceed:

  1. Click “File”;
  2. Select “Print”;
  3. Click “Print”.

How to Create an Envelope in Google Docs

If you use another text editor that doesn’t have specific features for creating envelopes, you can still accomplish this task by manually adjusting the page format.

Here, it is demonstrated how to do this using Google Docs:

  1. In Docs, click “File”;
  2. Select “Page Setup”;
  3. Set orientation to “Landscape”;
  4. In “Paper Size”, choose the ideal size for the envelope;
  5. Click “OK” to save the settings.

How to print the envelope

After creating the envelope manually, you can use the print options in your computer software:

  1. press the keys Ctrl + P on Windows, or Cmd + P on macOS, to open the print window;
  2. Check the settings, such as the selected printer and the type of paper used;
  3. Make sure the envelope is positioned correctly in the printer to ensure proper printing;
  4. Click “Print” to print the envelope.

To learn more features of major texting software, see how to place shapes in Word or Google Docs.

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