How to Remove Mold from Grout: The ‘Best’ Method for Removing Mold Works in ’30 Minutes’

Mold is common between tiles and around the caulk of bathtubs. It can also be found in kitchens on splashbacks and floors.

Mold often develops in rooms that are rarely dry or in rooms with insufficient ventilation.

While removing mold is a hassle and difficult task, it’s worth it for a clean and tidy bathroom.

With that in mind, Mrs. Hinch fans have shared her simple solution to removing mold from caulk and mildew.

Ms. Hinch, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, is a cleaning and lifestyle influencer with more than 4.6 million followers on Instagram.

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Fans of hers have taken to social media over the past few years to share their own hacks for solving common household and gardening problems.

In one such group, Lynn Smith wrote, “Can anyone give me a cleaning tip to remove the grout stains on my bathroom window and the sealant on the rim of my bathtub?” Thanks.”

The post was inundated with replies, but the most recommended was the use of HG mold spray.

Faye Doyle said: “I would try HG mold spray.”

Carlyne McHugh replied: “HG mildew spray remover. Open the window, spray, wait 30 minutes and rinse, go away.

“It really is that difficult! It works on all mold and stains on everything except unpainted wood. Original and best.”

HG mold spray can be bought online, in local supermarkets or at hardware stores.

HG mold spray is £5.50 at Wickes and Tesco and £5.23 at Amazon.

Other suggestions from Mrs. Hinch fans included the use of bleach and cotton balls, Cillit Bang, Viakal and Detail.

Leanne Gale said, “Bleach and cotton pads and leave for 24 hours.”

Sue Whitaker commented, “I saw someone on TV put some bleach on cotton and put it in the mold.

“Leave it on for about 20-30 minutes, then take it off and the mold is gone.”

Lynne Cottam wrote: “Cillit Bang Black Mold Remover. Leave it on for a while and then wash it off. Awesome stuff.”

Karen James wrote: “Spray with Viakal and leave for 20 minutes. Rinse and repeat.” Amanda Woods suggested, “Dettol mold and mildew work beautifully.”

Post source: Express

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