How to remove odors from kitchen sinks in ‘five minutes’ with an ‘awesome’ household item

“When you can reach the outer drain hole, sprinkle down an equal amount of soda crystals, another drop of water, then another kettle of boiling water to wash away the crystals.

“After that, pour a capful of neat disinfectant, Detol, Stardrops, or Zoflora scent right down the drain hole. All smells should be gone.”

Soda Crystals are a multi-purpose cleaner that, according to the plumbing experts at Dyno, can work wonders on a clogged or smelly sink.

They said: “Soda crystals are a great way to prevent grease, oils and grease from building up in your drains. Simply add a cup of soda crystals to a bowl of boiling water and gently stir the mixture until the soda crystals have dissolved. Now slowly pour the mixture down your drain.”

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