How to remove yellow toilet seat stains in less than 10 seconds without bleach or scrubbing

A stained and dirty toilet seat can be one of the most terrifying sights in a home. Regardless of how clean and aesthetically pleasing the rest of the house is, a dirty toilet seat can spoil all efforts. While it’s widely believed that yellow stains on the toilet seat are just down to urine, they can actually be caused by detergents themselves or even limescale. To get toilet seats looking pristine again, Ms Hinch fans have shared their methods for removing yellow stains from toilet seats.

Seal Myers posted a picture of her bright yellow toilet seat and wrote, “Anyone have any suggestions on how to remove yellow stains from toilet seats?”

“I’ve been using bleach on my toilet a lot lately, so I think that’s the cause of the stains.”

Bleach is great for disinfecting, giving things a bright and clean white. It can therefore be confusing why a toilet seat turns yellow after cleaning with bleach.

Bleach can react with other substances or materials and cause discoloration. On white surfaces, such as the toilet seat, but also a porcelain or fabric toilet bowl, these discolorations can look like yellow stains.

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If soiled toilet seats are left unattended for a long time, the stains will only get worse and harder to remove.

For this reason, it is important to remove toilet seat stains as soon as they are discovered.

To get rid of the stains, group members raved about one specific product in the comments section – the Flash Magic Eraser.

Debbie Jones said: “Flash Magic Eraser! Just wet it and rub the stain. Everything works immediately. I’ve seen results in less than 10 seconds.”

Ciara Stewart commented, “Definitely Flash Magic Erasers, worked great on my white toilet seat.”

Nikki Neil-Gordon wrote: “I notice this a lot when my girls take the seat and lid off after I’ve been bleached. I try to keep the seat up until I wash away the bleach.

“I find that a magic eraser dipped in some warm water to wet it will do the trick. Rub it a little but it definitely always comes off.”

After another cleaning enthusiast recommended using magic erasers, Susan McAloon responded to the comment, “Believe me, I’ve tried everything and this was the only thing that worked.”

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Vicky Rawlings added: “Magic sponge. It’s the same for me, but mostly because the boys overlook the hole and pee on the seat, then it drips through.

“I use a magic sponge (although I cut it up into small pieces and make all the toilet seats and then throw away the small piece) or if I have a disheveled one that I’ve used I set it aside for the toilet seats. ”

This product claims to “clean like magic” and “have enough power to remove stubborn dirt anywhere.”

Shops like Wilko and Sainsbury’s sell the Flash Magic Eraser for £2. These come in a pack of two so a sponge costs £1.

Another popular suggestion in the comments section was to use Pink Stuff Paste and scrub the area.

Katie Arnold said: “Pink paste and rub in, that’s a treat. I use it on an old toothbrush.”

Beth Watson wrote, “Pink stuff is 100 percent sticky. I had bleach stains that washed off immediately.”

Emma Jane Mkillop added: “Pink stuff paste, not the spray, 100 percent. I have all the boys in my house and it works like a treat.”

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