How to Route Internet from Mobile to PC

Cell phones with Android or iOS are capable of sharing Internet access with desktops and notebooks; learn to route the signal

Anyone who works outside the home with a notebook knows that they are subject to being without internet access depending on where they are or circumstances, such as slow or non-existent internet in a remote location. Fortunately, there is a way to route the internet from the cell phone to the PC and ensure that network access continues at full speed.

How to Route Internet from Mobile to PC

Both Android and iOS devices offer this capability, which is available in a few taps in the system’s settings and home menus. It is only necessary to have an operator chip installed and activate the mobile data option for signal sharing to be enabled.

on android

The instructions may vary depending on your phone brand, but in general they work like this:

  1. Swipe down the home screen and tap the gear icon in the top right corner;
  2. Select the “Connections” option;
  3. Tap “Wi-Fi Router & Tethering”;
  4. Select “Configure”;
  5. Change the network name, password and tap “Save”;
  6. Tap “Disabled” to enable the signal.

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With the network name and password configured, it will no longer be necessary to access the settings all the time and you can activate signal sharing directly from the notification bar. Check how to enable:

  1. Slide the screen down and open the notifications bar;
  2. Swipe down once more to show more options;
  3. Tap the “Wi-Fi Router” or “Remote Access” button depending on your phone brand.

on iOS

  1. On the home screen, tap the “Settings” app;
  2. Select “Mobile”;
  3. Tap “Personal Hotspot” and “Wi-Fi password”;
  4. Enter a new password and tap “Ok”;
  5. Tap “Allow Access to Others”.

After you have set a password, you can access the feature directly from the “Control Center” in the next few times. See the step by step:

  1. On the home screen, swipe up and open “Control Center”;
  2. Press and hold the Wi-Fi icon until the menu expands;
  3. Tap “Personal Hotspot”.

The signal can be shared with any device compatible with Wi-Fi connection, such as other cell phones, computers (desktops and notebooks), tablets and watches. It is also worth keeping an eye on the level of consumption of the data package, which tends to double when other devices are connected to the device that is routing the signal.

Now that you know how to share network access with a computer, it’s also worth learning how to route your cell phone’s internet with someone else.

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