How to store chocolate? Check out tips for this Easter

Has it ever happened to you to store chocolate in a place and when you went to eat it was melting? You can’t deny that this is a very unpleasant situation… Therefore, the first thing that comes to mind is putting the product in the fridge.

But is this the ideal way to store chocolate?

Regardless of its format – either as an Easter egg or in a bar -, the ideal is to keep it in

dry, cool and protected from sunlight

. In addition to these precautions, it is also very important to check the information on the label, as in the case of any specific storage information, it must be indicated. Another point to pay attention to and that will make a difference in the way you store the chocolate, is the

expiration date

! It is essential that the product is consumed within the stipulated expiration date. So be aware of this information. If, when consuming it, you notice a change in the appearance or taste of the product, do not eat it. Having said all that, you must be curious to know what are the tips for storing chocolate correctly, so you never make a mistake again, right? So, check out the tips from the Brazilian Association of the Chocolate, Peanut and Candy Industry – Abicab, which teaches you how to store chocolate without errors.

Learn to store chocolate

Storing chocolate the right way helps preserve the flavor and durability of the product.

Storing chocolate the right way helps preserve the flavor and durability of the product.

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Storing chocolate the right way helps preserve the flavor and durability of the product. – Photo: Shutterstock


Be sure to check the label

and the product information on the packaging, because it’s not just about putting it in the fridge and taking it out when it’s time to eat; 2- It is important to pay attention, so that the chocolate

does not undergo any change in temperature

on the journey from the purchase to the final destination; 3- Try to store the chocolate

in the coolest part of the house

, this does not mean that it necessarily needs to be in the fridge. It is enough for the place to be fresh and not to have direct contact with the sun; 4- Although putting it in the fridge is the most common attitude, it is far from being correct when it comes to storing chocolate. This is because, in addition to

product get harder

the refrigerator causes it to lose some of its sensory characteristics;

Other tips that will change the way you store chocolate during and after Easter

5- Chocolate easily absorbs odors from the environment, for this reason

avoid as much as possible

store next to condiments and products with a strong smell; 6- After opening the chocolate,

remember to close very well

, it can be with the aid of aluminum foil or well-sealed plastic pots. This will ensure that the product is well protected against moisture or any type of contact with water; 7- After opening,

Easter eggs can also be stored in their own packaging

, while the bonbons, if they are not well sealed, must be kept in airtight packaging; 8-

Check the place of purchase

. Products must be stored properly. Temperature-controlled, well-ventilated environments are ideal; 9- Last but not least, even following all these recommendations, if your chocolate presents alterations, we recommend that, before consumption,

contact the manufacturer’s SAC

to clarify the situation and identify the exact condition for safe consumption.

What if the chocolate isn’t preserved the right way?

At high temperatures or large variations in storage temperature, “fat bloom” occurs. A very thin, white layer of fat crystals forms on the surface of the chocolate, which does not affect the taste of your chocolate, but greatly affects its appearance. If it is stored in a humid place or if it is moved from very cold storage to a very hot environment, “sugar bloom” occurs, a form of condensation that produces a rough, uneven surface on the chocolate. If it comes into contact with light or air, oxidation occurs, the fats decompose and the chocolate loses its flavor.

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