How to Throw Oil Pot Chivalry 2 PS4, How to Use It?

Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 is a popular video game that immerses players in an epic medieval battlefield experience. It serves as a sequel to the original Chivalry: Medieval Warfare game and offers an enhanced and immersive gaming experience.

In Chivalry 2, players are transported back in time to the Middle Ages, where they engage in intense and chaotic battles. The game features a variety of game modes, including team-based objective battles, where players must work together to achieve victory. Players can choose from different classes, each with its own unique playstyle and weaponry, allowing for diverse and strategic gameplay.

The game’s combat system emphasizes skill and precision, providing players with a visceral and satisfying melee combat experience. From sword fights and archery to siege warfare and mounted combat, Chivalry 2 offers a wide range of combat scenarios to keep players engaged and challenged.

The game also features stunning graphics and immersive audio, further enhancing the overall gaming experience. With its detailed environments, realistic animations, and dynamic battles, Chivalry 2 strives to transport players to a realistic medieval setting.

How to Throw Oil Pot Chivalry 2 PS4?

To execute the action of throwing an oil pot in Chivalry 2, you will adopt a specific hand configuration. Your left hand will grip the oil pot, while your right hand will remain firmly grasping your primary weapon, ensuring you are prepared for combat.

  • When the time comes to launch the oil pot, you can do so in a manner reminiscent of throwing a grenade.

  • On a controller, this involves simultaneously pressing both shoulder bumpers. If you are using a keyboard, simply press the G key to initiate the throw.

  • The oil pot can be propelled through the air at an impressive distance. In fact, you have the capability to throw it as far as 15 feet, allowing you to target enemies, structures, or specific areas with precision and strategic intent.

  • The range of the oil pot’s throw enables you to strategically position yourself or disrupt your adversaries from a notable distance, enhancing your tactical options during battles in Chivalry 2.

How to Use Oil Pot in Chivalry 2?

In Chivalry 2, the usage of an oil pot is exclusive to the Crusader subclass for the Knight and the Devastator subclass for the Vanguard. To equip and utilize the oil pot, you must select either of these subclasses. Notably, the Knight class has the advantage of having access to the oil pot as a starting ability, provided you have unlocked the Crusader subclass.

Before employing the oil pot, it is necessary to charge it up. This can be achieved by inflicting damage upon enemies or supporting your teammates through healing actions. The progression circle located at the bottom-left corner of the screen will indicate the charging process. Once the circle is completely filled, your oil pot will be primed for use.

To initiate the usage of the oil pot, begin by equipping it. This can be done by pressing down on the D-Pad of a controller or the 4 key on a keyboard. As you hold the oil pot, your left hand will clutch it while your right hand maintains a firm grip on your primary weapon.

When you are ready to throw the oil pot, the mechanics are akin to tossing a grenade. On a controller, simultaneously press both shoulder bumpers. For keyboard users, simply press the G key. This action will propel the oil pot through the air.

Impressively, the oil pot possesses a throwing range of up to 15 feet. Upon impact, it creates a fiery explosion within a specific radius. Any enemies caught within this area will sustain substantial burn damage, which ignores their armor. As a result, the oil pot serves as a highly effective weapon against heavily armored classes like Knights and Vanguards. Its ability to inflict significant damage makes it a valuable asset in your arsenal.

Chivalry 2 Gameplay

Chivalry 2 is an immersive and action-packed medieval combat game that offers an intense multiplayer experience. In the game, players are thrust into the chaos of epic battles, wielding a variety of medieval weapons and engaging in fierce melee combat.

The gameplay of Chivalry 2 revolves around engaging in large-scale battles between two opposing factions. Players can choose from different classes, each with its own unique playstyle and abilities. These classes include the Knight, Vanguard, Footman, Archer, and more, each offering distinct strengths and weaknesses on the battlefield.

  • As a player, you will find yourself in the midst of intense and dynamic combat scenarios. Engagements take place in vast and detailed maps, ranging from castles and villages to open fields and siege battlegrounds. Your objective will depend on the game mode you are playing, which can include capturing control points, escorting objectives, or engaging in all-out team deathmatches.

  • Combat in Chivalry 2 is visceral and skill-based. You will have a wide array of medieval weaponry at your disposal, including swords, axes, spears, bows, and more. Timing, positioning, and strategic decision-making are crucial as you parry, block, and strike your way through hordes of enemies. The game features a deep and satisfying melee system, allowing for a wide range of attack combos, feints, and counters.

  • Teamwork is essential in Chivalry 2, as battles are often fought alongside fellow players. Coordinating with your teammates, executing flanking maneuvers, and utilizing class synergies can turn the tide of battle in your favor. The game encourages both individual skill and cooperative strategies, creating a dynamic and immersive multiplayer experience.

  • In addition to the core gameplay, Chivalry 2 features a progression system that allows players to unlock new weapons, armor, and customization options for their characters. This provides a sense of progression and personalization as you continue to develop your skills and build your ideal warrior.

  • Overall, Chivalry 2 delivers an intense and authentic medieval combat experience. With its engaging gameplay, immersive battles, and a focus on skill-based combat, it offers a thrilling and satisfying journey into the world of medieval warfare.

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