How will Globo save reality after such a bad final?

During the World Cup, there are 200 million coaches in the Brazilian national team. But when the BBB starts on the Globo screen, we become 200 million Boninhos.

We always have a very accurate analysis regarding the disputes that occur in Curicica. More than that, we deeply know the human psyche to dare to suggest necessary alterations in the route after an eventual failure.

Well, there was an eventual failure last night: a very dull final. In fact, despite the excellent cast and an important variety of fun events, the whole season had worse problems than usual.

We want BBB 24 to turn around, leaving aside the bitter taste imposed by the last two seasons. In what way? Well, here are some suggestions for challenging doldrums and injustice.

No more mixing famous with anonymous! As much as the boundaries between what is fame and anonymity in the 21st century are difficult to distinguish, the fact is that there is a certain unevenness in the treatment between popcorn and cabins.

This time, to balance the game and even to better differentiate the editions from each other, I suggest that the BBB start alternating completely known casts with completely unknown ones.

It is no longer possible to keep the way it is. The method of defining the walls needs a shake-up. If it’s going to be the CPF vote I’ve been pleading for decades or any other solution, whatever.

But ordinary viewers, who don’t have the energy to stay up all night on GShow, need to feel invited back to participate in the great party of democracy that the BBB should be.

Tadeu Schmidt urgently needs to let go of creativity and take care of the BBB as if it were his own. Pedro Bial narrated the epics of the “nave mad” as if he were writing a play. Tiago Leifert was another way, he narrated the “game”, focusing on strategies.

It still remains to be discovered what the approach of the current driver is. He did a brilliant job introducing a playful world in Gols do Fantástico, and we look forward to seeing him also shine in Big Brother.

Directly connected with the previous subject, a complete retread on BBB 24 is essential. The frames are still the same as on BBB 20. The program has become anachronistic, out of time. Need to update, bring new concepts and change radically. It looks like Thaddeus is wearing a suit made to measure for someone else. This leaves the program generic, soulless.

All over the world, entertainment has undergone and is undergoing profound transformations. In Hollywood, in the games industry, on the internet — representativeness is an urgent demand from society, the public and also the market. This can’t be something restricted to the cast, but increasingly to the show’s command structure. So that relevant issues can be discussed in a more contemporary way, with the challenges and possibilities that the format offers the public.

I don’t know where, I don’t know how. But I found Ana Clara half hidden in Multishow again. Wouldn’t a BBB-derived program fit on open TV, as happened a few years ago? Or presenting a painting? And also going back to the chat with the eliminated one. That worked out very well and Globo simply let it go. It cannot!

Contradicting what I just wrote about Ana Clara returning to present a program that she presented in the past, I strongly believe that the BBB needs a management shock. The renewal that took place in 2020 lost momentum very quickly, and it will be faster and faster that the ideas and approaches will get old. It needs to have breath, creativity and freedom to continue promoting boldness and joy for the Brazilian people.

Do you agree? Write in the comments what other ideas would be useful for the BBB in the coming year.

We’ll be back anytime with new information.

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