HSV coach Walter and St. Paulis Hürzeler have bickered

The city derby hasn’t been this explosive for a long time. When HSV receives FC St. Pauli in the Volkspark on Friday (6.30 p.m., live ticker on MOPO.de), there is a lot at stake. The city duel in the second division has never taken place at such a late point in the season. The exit points the way. A lot of emotions are guaranteed, especially on the two benches. Because there is an explosive history.

St. Pauli’s Fabian Hürzeler and HSV coach Tim Walter – for both of them it is the first direct duel as head coach in the professional area. However, there have been a number of encounters in the past. At the same time, there was a loud bang.

Hürzeler and Walter were already bickering in the regional league

In August 2017, Hürzeler competed as player-coach with FC Pipinsried against Walter and Bayern Munich II in the Regionalliga (Bavaria). Hürzeler shot his team to a 1-0 win and teased after the game: “For me, Bayern are not a top team.” Walter accused Hürzeler of “overconfidence” among other things.

Fabian Hürzeler (on the ball) was player-coach at FC Pipinsried. imago/foto2press

Fabian Hürzeler in the FC Pipinsried jersey
Fabian Hürzeler (on the ball) was player-coach at FC Pipinsried.

A violent Zoff, which is now cleared up. “We were both emotional then and we’re still emotional now. That’s part of football,” Hürzeler said recently about the incident at Sky. They have spoken out and now maintain a respectful and good relationship.


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Walter agrees. For him, Hürzeler in particular overdid it at the time. “I think he knows how to deal with it now when he’s on a different level and not just acting as a player-coach,” says the HSV coach, who emphasizes on the one hand that both now treat each other with respect, on the other However, he also does not want to rule out the possibility that friction will arise again when they meet again. “The situation as it was then could also be comparable to some games now. That’s the way it is when it comes to emotions, everyone fights for their colors. Whether in the lower or upper range, everyone wants to get the best out of it.”

At the last derby in the Volkspark, there was a verbal crash

This is what it will look like on Friday in the Volksparkstadion. The eyes will not only be on the pitch, but also on the coaches’ benches. For Hürzeler it is the first city derby as head coach. As an assistant trainer, he was there last year at the Volkspark. And verbally messed with Walter.

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