HSV coach Walter even changes his habit for St. Pauli’s top game

It’s going to be a hot Sunday in the second division. While HSV is playing in Regensburg, Heidenheim (in Paderborn) and Darmstadt (in Hanover) are playing at the same time. Tim Walter remains true to his line and above all just wants to look at his team. But at least in the background, FC St. Pauli also plays a small role on Saturday evening.

In the top game of the second division, the Kiezklub hosts Fortuna Düsseldorf on Saturday (8:30 p.m.). The winner of the game would move up to a point at least for one night at HSV.

St. Pauli coach Hürzeler distributed a dig at HSV

“I don’t know how much pressure that puts on Hamburg. I don’t know if they watch the second division at all,” said St. Pauli coach Fabian Hürzeler beforehand, giving a little jab at Walter. Background: The HSV coach had said before the derby against the Kiezklub that he didn’t watch any games from St. Pauli and actually no second division at all. This statement apparently left its mark on the neighbors.

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This Saturday, there’s a bit of St. Pauli and second division going on with Walter. But not as the main program. In the team hotel in Regensburg, the time in the evening should be used for meetings, among other things. “Basically, the game will definitely run alongside,” says Walter, who does not have great expectations of the game: “We can’t influence it, that’s the decisive thing for us.”

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